Understanding the Role of Scatter Symbols in Slots

While you are playing online slots, you need to have an idea of the different symbols. To be candid, it is due to the symbols that you either win or lose in the game. The rewards that you win are determined according to the type of symbol that you land...Read More

Published On : 23/11/2018

Understanding Different Types of Wilds In Online Slots

If you are familiar with slot machines and the slots world, then you will no doubt be aware that there are specific icons that either activate bonuses or perform certain actions that make wins possible. Such icons are known as wilds and are among the most popular and common icons...Read More

Published On : 19/11/2018

Best Mobile Devices To Play Casino Games

Back in the days, most people had to save up and take a trip to Sin City if they needed to gamble for extended periods and in the lushest surroundings known to man. However, following the relentless advances in tech, such is no longer true and anyone anywhere can play...Read More

Published On : 16/11/2018

Top 10 Tips For Online Gamblers

Online gambling is quite a lucrative and popular activity. As to be expected there are lots of tips to be found online for gamblers looking to either score a kill or optimize their gameplay. These tips are applicable to both old and new online gamblers. Ready gambling tips to boost...Read More

Published On : 12/11/2018

Are Slots Really Random?

In any casino, be it traditional or online, slots are the most popular game that is played. These machines have been around in one form or the other for a little more than a century, but the vast majority of gamblers are still unclear about how they work. As a...Read More

Published On : 08/11/2018

The D’Alembert System in Roulette – History and Analysis

Roulette has been an erstwhile game in casinos. Based on the French word little wheel, it is essentially a game where the players have to place bets on either single numbers, a group of numbers, the colour boxes, or odd/even. On a Roulette wheel, a ball is spun on the...Read More

Published On : 05/11/2018

Exploring Online Slots Game Themes

Practically anything and any scenario can be used as the theme of an online slot. As modern slots are digital and very versatile, any theme can be applied without much work being needed. This results in online slots developers having lots of freedom when choosing and implementing themes in their...Read More

Published On : 03/11/2018

The History Of Scratch Cards

Scratch cards have been around like forever and are so popular because they require absolutely no skill to play. Wins and losses in this game of chance are therefore totally in the hands of the dear old lady known as Lady Luck. Scratch cards have a fun and colourful history...Read More

Published On : 30/10/2018

Why Is Roulette Called The Devil’s Game?

“Back in the 17th century, a French physicist, philosopher and mathematician by the name of Blaise Pascal tried to do the impossible by building a perpetual motion machine. Such Roulette machines were the rage then, though no one had been actually built that kept moving without getting energy from a...Read More

Published On : 26/10/2018

The Top Three Casino E-Wallets And Their Advantages

An e-wallet also called a digital or electronic wallet is a prepaid account found online, where people can put in money for use in paying for practically anything under the sun, both in e-commerce sites and traditional stores. The use of e-wallets is rising globally, as more and more people...Read More

Published On : 23/10/2018