How Do 5 Reel Slot Games Work?

From 3-reel to 5-reel slots, slot machines have evolved in all aspects. The past few decades has seen 5-reel slot games take over the gaming industry in terms of slots. These 5-reel slot games are more advanced compared to their predecessors when it comes to features, gameplay, graphics and the...Read More

Published On : 19/10/2018

Online Blackjack – Learn the Simple Rules of the Game

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. Playing the game is quite easy even for a novice. All you need to know before you begin is that for you to win, you need to form a hand whose value is closer to 21 as possible...Read More

Published On : 15/10/2018

What Makes Starburst As One of The Best Slot Game?

In the slots world, the Starburst slot is spoken of in the hushed tones that approach reverence. The fact that is made by one of the most creative and innovative slot developers-NetEnt has little to do with it. Instead, players of all stripes and levels ceaselessly swoon over its rather...Read More

Published On : 11/10/2018

Understanding The Role Of Paylines In Online Slots

Regardless of whether the game being played is a classic slot or a state-of-the-art, eye-candy lavish release, the fact still remains that games everywhere revolve around paylines. Paylines refer to the successive winning combos present in any online slot that move across the reels like a hyperactive bat. Now, some...Read More

Published On : 09/10/2018

NetEnt´s Swipe and Roll – A New UK Slot with a Vintage Feel is Here!

Powered by the crowned software giant NetEnt, Swipe and Roll is an online UK casino slot game that captures the traditional sentiments of players over the reels with its fruity symbols and lucrative bonus features. This game is definitely fascinating and available at all the best online casinos in the...Read More

Published On : 05/10/2018

European VS American Roulette Wheel Explained

By all accounts, Roulette is an astoundingly simple game. A ball travels around a spinning wheel, eventually coming to rest in any of the numbered pockets located within, with wins happening when the pockets that players lay bets on, host the ball at the end of a spin. And that’s...Read More

Published On : 01/10/2018

How And When Blackjack Started?

Few can agree as to when and where exactly the game of Blackjack began. By all appearances, it appears to have slowly evolved throughout the history. By most accounts, Blackjack owes its august origins to a French game known as Vingt-et-un, which means 21. This was a very popular game...Read More

Published On : 28/09/2018

The Best Irish-Themed Mobile Slots

Slots come in more varieties than you can think of. The featured themes are virtually limitless, with some however appealing to customer tastes more than others. Among the more popular themes found in online and mobile slots anywhere are those relating to Irish legends. Slots with such a theme usually...Read More

Published On : 24/09/2018

Different Types Of Online Roulette Games

Given that online Roulette games are normally more fast-paced than any gambling game, it is not all that surprising that lots of players all over the globe want a taste of it. Add on intense suspense and excitement, lots of thrills and more, and it’s easy to see why Roulette...Read More

Published On : 21/09/2018

Which Casino Games Have The Best Odds?

The casino games that have the best odds are the ones that emphasise a skill element. Most of the players out there do not know that the casino games with the best odds are all forms of table games. Pick the games at our casino having the best odds, and...Read More

Published On : 17/09/2018