The Top Three Casino E-Wallets And Their Advantages The Top Three Casino E-Wallets And Their Advantages

The Top Three Casino E-Wallets And Their Advantages

An e-wallet also called a digital or electronic wallet is a prepaid account found online, where people can put in money for use in paying for practically anything under the sun, both in e-commerce sites and traditional stores. The use of e-wallets is rising globally, as more and more people become aware of the advantages they confer.

Benefits Of E-Wallets in the casino

Read on for a brief overview of the top e-wallets and the pros that make them so well-liked in the casino space.

The Top Three Casino E-Wallets And Their Advantages


The registration process for e-wallets is usually speedy and simple. Once registered, transactions made with e-wallets are invariably faster than their traditional banking counterparts, apart from being very simplified for user convenience. With e-wallets, users can easily shop online and make peer-to-peer transfers, without however being required to enter their financial details each and every time.


E-wallets are a secure and dependable source of payment. They provide some form of anonymity and access just those funds that the user wishes to make available at the moment. Therefore, during any casino transaction, the user’s entire banking information is not accessed, nor is the metadata logged. This prevents this information being seen by third parties with possibly hostile/fraudulent intentions.

Mobile Accessible

Most e-wallets can be used on mobile, either via an app or through a browser, with this being increasingly important in a world that’s awash in smartphones. So, if you like shopping online via mobile or regularly play mobile-optimized games on your smartphone, e-wallets can make such activity super-convenient by enabling speedy payment for all sorts of goods, services and in-game purchases

Global Reach

Most e-wallets support the majority of currencies used by different casino players on the globe. With e-wallets, currency conversion and international money transfers can be made much faster and conveniently. Typically, you can use an e-wallet to send money to nearly anyone on the globe, just by inputting the receiver’s user ID or email.

The Three Best E-Wallets for Easy Online Gaming

PayPal, Skrill and Neteller: which to choose? Each payment method represented below is great in its own way.


Paypal is based in the US, and as of this year has an active presence in 202 countries. Its active user accounts top 23 million and it has a totally solid reputation that is above reproach. With Paypal, users can receive, hold and send funds in any of the 25 supported currencies found worldwide.


Skrill was formerly known as Moneybookers and was founded back in 2001. it is the second biggest online payment platform, with more than 20 million accounts. It is owned and run by Skrill Limited, a company based in the UK that is licensed to operate in the EU. Skrill lets businesses access over 100 payment options, with such industry heavyweights as Facebook, eBay and Skype utilizing it.


This is owned and run by Paysafe Group and is available in more than 180 countries. Registering is easy and accounts can be funded through a variety of means like bank deposits, debit card deposits, international bank transfers, credit cards and lots more. Payments made on the Neteller platform can be optionally indemnified and it is even possible to transfer funds to an individual or business that lacks a Neteller account. These funds can be accessed by the recipient when they open a Neteller account.

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The Top Three Casino E-Wallets And Their Advantages
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