The History Of Scratch Cards The History Of Scratch Cards

The History Of Scratch Cards

Scratch cards have been around like forever and are so popular because they require absolutely no skill to play. Wins and losses in this game of chance are therefore totally in the hands of the dear old lady known as Lady Luck.

Scratch cards have a fun and colourful history and provide an intense form of suspense and excitement gameplay.

Here’s the story.

The History Of Scratch Cards

Lottery Tickets Make Way To a Scratch Card

If you have seen scratch cards, then you have no doubt wondered how the practice of scratching cards for possible wins started. By most accounts, the year 1974 marked the very first instant lottery game devised by a computer. This game was for the Massachusetts Lottery and the company behind the innovation was Scientific Games.

A patent was filed and issued in the US for the instant scratch card in the year 1987. In March 1987, the first cards went on sale in the UK. These sort of games were usually found at lottery stands and kiosks and as a rule, was not yet available at traditional casinos.

Why People Play Scratch Card games?

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of scratch cards is that it costs relatively nothing to play. For a really low sum, anyone can buy a card and scratch their way to fame.

These card games come in varied forms, such as football-themed ones that will appeal to devotees of the sport. The featured theme is incredibly diverse, with players of all stripes and colours bound to find a scratch card that appeals to them.

Another key reason for the popularity of scratch cards is that results are known immediately once the cards have been scratched. This is in contrast with lotteries where draws might take days or weeks.

Scratch Cards Enter The Modern Age

The rise of the internet and developments in the tech world has made it possible for scratch cards to be offered on many an online casino. Playing such games online is incredibly convenient, as there is no need to go to a kiosk to buy and scratch the cards. Instead, the buying and scratching process is streamlined and made super-easy and by merely moving the mouse around, the card can be “scratched” and the hidden icons revealed.

By around 2010 online versions of virtual “scratchcard” (not physical cards) gambling games which utilized Macromedia Flash and Java to simulate scratching a card on a computer were available.

Such online scratch cards frequently come with lavish graphics, have lots of themes to cater to individual likes and preferences and can usually be tried out for free.

Scratch cards have come a long way from their invention in 1974 to the present day where they are available in countless online casinos and with countless themes. They offer players a means of getting a quick burst of excitement, need no skill or and can be played by absolutely anyone.

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The History Of Scratch Cards
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