Understanding the Role of Scatter Symbols in Slots

Understanding the Role of Scatter Symbols in Slots

While you are playing online slots, you need to have an idea of the different symbols. To be candid, it is due to the symbols that you either win or lose in the game. The rewards that you win are determined according to the type of symbol that you land on different reels. Now, coming to the different symbols scatters play a very significant role among them. They are one of the most important symbols that you come across in slots. It is a high-value symbol that makes way for you to bag good rewards. Apart from this, there are other advantages of landing this symbol.

Understanding the Role of Scatter Symbols in Slots

Scatters are mainly used to trigger bonuses

In simple terms, a scatter symbol offers you good rewards and is also used to trigger bonus features. If you are able to land the scatter on specific reels, you will be getting bonuses like free spins, re-spins or multipliers and more. All the best online casinos in the UK including The Online Casino offer players with mesmerising bonuses.  Typically, a player will not need to land the scatter symbol on an active payline. Their main purpose is to create a winning combination by triggering bonus features. Another speciality of this symbol is that it cannot be replaced by the wild in the game. In conventional slots, you can bag the rewards directly if you are able to land three or more scatters on the reels.

“The scatter symbol in an online slot game can usually be found by looking at the game information screen or the payout table.”

One of the main advantages of scatter symbols in slots is their ability to trigger bonuses. The type of bonuses that you get usually depends on the number of slots that you are able to land on the reels. Some of the bonuses that can be triggered through landing scatter include free spins, multipliers, re-spins and so on. There have been instances where players can even win around 50 times of a whopping multiplier on their existing stake after landing scatter symbols. Typically, the free spins you get ranges from 5 to even 50. However, you have to land the symbols on the right reels.

Payout structure influences the scatter symbols in a slot

It is also essential to have a basic idea of the payout structure in a slot as it plays an important role in determining the number of scatters required to make wins. Each game has a different payout structure on which this number is determined. This is one reason why you would need to go through the rules of the game well before playing. There are unique slots where scatter symbols act as multipliers for the entire bet rather than the bet in a single payline. Progressive jackpots also have to scatter symbols and offer whopping rewards. The paytable in the slot offers you a glimpse of the different symbols including the scatter. While playing, you can see the paytable.

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Do All Slots Feature Scatter Symbols?

Although it’s a pretty standard feature on most 5-reel slot machines, not as many three-reel slots offer to scatter symbols or their accompanying bonuses. They can also be found in games with progressive jackpots, 7 reel games, slots with bonus games and pretty much every other type of slot machine out there.

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Post Name : Understanding the Role of Scatter Symbols in Slots

Posted On : 23/11/2018

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