Understanding Different Types of Wilds In Online Slots

Understanding Different Types of Wilds In Online Slots

If you are familiar with slot machines and the slots world, then you will no doubt be aware that there are specific icons that either activate bonuses or perform certain actions that make wins possible. Such icons are known as wilds and are among the most popular and common icons to be found in online slots offered by best online casinos in the UK. When a wild icon shows up on the reels, it replaces all the other icons so as to form a winning combo.

The first ever slot machine was the Liberty Bell, built by Charles Fey in between 1887-1891.

Wilds in online slots come in different formats and these will be discussed below.

Understanding Different Types of Wilds In Online Slots

Types Of Wild Icons in online slots

The appearance of the wild icon during gameplay is a momentous occasion that most players look forward to.

Here are all the wilds featured in slots of the present period:

Slot machines are otherwise known as…

Fruit machine (British English)
Slot (American English)
The slots (Canadian and American English)
Puggy (Scottish English)
Poker machine or pokies (Australian and New Zealand English)

Stacked Wilds

These types of wilds are so called because they appear stacked atop each other like Lego bricks. As a result, they can form an entire section of wilds. Stacked wilds are one of the most profitable and popular wilds in online slots, as they massively boost winning chances. As well, the fact that they are stacked means that is possible for them to appear on multiple paylines on a single spin, which will, of course, lead to the formation of a greater number of winning combos. Usually, stacked wilds are arraigned vertically on a reel, but it is possible for them to be stacked horizontally.

Expanding Wilds

There are lots of online slots with expanding wilds and most slots feature both these type of wilds as well as stacked wilds. Expanding wilds are so called because they expand in place and cover a whole reel. Triggering the expanding wilds feature in a slot game usually requires the landing of a particular number of specific icons.

Expanding wilds are very much similar to stacked wilds, as they enable reels that are full of wilds so as to form a greater number of winning combos. Every payline with an expanding wild icon is able to form winning combos for players.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky wilds are online slots familiar. Their name perfectly describes their job description, as when they are landed they stay in a place like they have been superglued there! Sticky wilds do not, however, enhance winning chances. Rather, they work in a similar manner to standard wilds.

Overlay Wilds

These type of wilds show up while arranged in specific shapes and appear on the reels so as to replace some icons. They usually appear randomly at the end of a spin. As well, they do not normally appear atop a standard wild.

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