Why Is Roulette Called The Devil’s Game? Why Is Roulette Called The Devil’s Game?

Why Is Roulette Called The Devil’s Game?

“Back in the 17th century, a French physicist, philosopher and mathematician by the name of Blaise Pascal tried to do the impossible by building a perpetual motion machine. Such Roulette machines were the rage then, though no one had been actually built that kept moving without getting energy from a source other than itself.”

Monsieur Paschal failed at his invention, but what he did invent became essentially the very first Roulette machine in existence. This had 36 numbers on it, with no additional zero being present and was later employed by Paschal to investigate and analyze the games of chance present in the period. In 1654, Paschal along with Pierre de Fermat both put forward the probability theory, with the aim being to resolve a particular gambling problem that has to do with expected outcomes.

Why Is Roulette Called The Devil’s Game?

In 1796, casino made its debut in Paris. This form of Roulette shared lots of similarities with the Roulette of the present day and had black and red pockets that were numbered 1 to 36.


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As the popularity of the new game boomed, two brothers by the name of Louis and Francois Blanc designed the single zero Roulette in order to stand out from the crowd. Francois Blanc was an astute businessman and the owner of the Monte Carlo casino. His single zero Roulette contrasted with the wheels used in the gambling houses of Paris, that came with both single and double zeros.

Given that Francois’ wheel had a lower house edge, it soon becomes quite popular.

Roulette And The Devil!

As the game of Roulette became increasingly popular, it was soon referred to as the Devil’s very own game. This was due to the fact that the fast-paced action was so incredibly fascinating and addictive that players behaved as if they were possessed.

According to legend, Francois Blanc struck a bargain with the devil so as to be given the most sensitive secrets of the game. This legend rests on the inconvenient fact that all the numbers featured on a Roulette wheel -that is from 0-36) add up to 666, which is of course widely known as the mark of the beast.

The number 666 is referenced in the Holy Bible and has been for centuries associated with all that is devilish. It can be seen in the book of Revelation chapter 13 that describes a couple of monsters that come up from the earth and the sea. These monsters are said to have a number that marks them out- 666.

This is why Roulette and the spinning wheel are commonly nicknamed either “The Devil’s Wheel” or “The Devil’s Game”.

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Why Is Roulette Called The Devil’s Game?
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