Understanding The Role Of Paylines In Online Slots

Understanding The Role Of Paylines In Online Slots

Regardless of whether the game being played is a classic slot or a state-of-the-art, eye-candy lavish release, the fact still remains that games everywhere revolve around paylines. Paylines refer to the successive winning combos present in any online slot that move across the reels like a hyperactive bat.

Now, some online slots come equipped with just one payline. Others have two, three, 10 and even up to 1,024. Regardless of the online slot games that bettors are having fun with, its vital to not only know the featured number of paylines, but also the most optimum bet sizes.

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Paylines Explained in online slots

Paylines refer to the winning combo of icons that appear on all online slots. The number of paylines that a slot usually varies depending on how many reels it is equipped with. Therefore, a classic slot that has just 3 reels and 3 rows usually possess a single payline that runs in a horizontal direction right through the centre.

The payline is made up of a trio of matching icons. As more reels and rows are added, the payline in return gets boosted. Thus, it is not uncommon to see 25, or even 50 paylines on a modern slot that has 5 reels and 4 rows. Usually, a winning payline consists of a couple of identical icons that might or not have scatters and/or wilds attached.

In most online and mobile slots offered by the best online casinos in the UK, the paylines are adjustable, with players therefore able to select how many paylines they want to make use of. Buttons are usually provided that aid such a selection. These types of paylines are known as variable paylines.

Other paylines are immovably fixed in place, with bettors being compelled to make use of all of them regardless of if that is optimum or not. These types of paylines are called fixed paylines.

How Paylines Work?

Usually, the paylines work from the left to the right. That is, winning combos start with Reel 1 located on the left and on to the adjacent reels. To get a payout, it is usually necessary to connect a couple or more icons.

Completing the icons on the paylines is usually possible with wilds. These icons replace others bar the scatter. Every online slot games come with the pay table. This has a detailed list of all the icons, bonuses and jackpots featured. As well as each payline pattern that is supported and the RTP. Studying the paytable before gameplay is thus recommended and vital.


“A popular saying among online slots gamblers says that it’s easier to win on a three reel slot machine as compared to a five reel one.”


“On a three reel slot machine, it seems pretty much easier to line up the symbols against the other but that doesn’t make it easier for you to win. The odds of winning on each of the online slots are determined by random numbers or probability and they stay the same whether you are playing on a three reel or five reel machine.”

Types of Paylines

  • Single Paylines- these types of paylines are usually found on fruit machines of the earlier period, as well as more recent games that imitate them. Online slot games with single paylines typically lack bonus rounds, have few icons and small bet sizes.
  • 3 Paylines- Slots with three paylines have lots of similarities to the single payline versions. They have few bonus rounds, limited icons and very affordable maximum bets.
  • Multi-Paylines Slots- As slot technology advanced, the multi-payline slot was developed. These types of UK online slots come with from 5 to 100 paylines. Such slots feature lots of bonus icons and bonus rounds and usually have around 5 reels and from 3 to 4 rows.
  • Ways To Win/Multi-ways- These types of slots are the ultimate. They were developed as a way of cramming the greatest number of paylines into the smallest possible space. This was done by changing the reel structure and making possible winning combos that run from both the right to the left and the left to the right. Some of such slots have more than 100,000 paylines.

Paylines vary across slots online. Invariably, the greater the range of available paylines, the more complicated and expensive the slot will be.

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