Different Types Of Online Roulette Games Different Types Of Online Roulette Games

Different Types Of Online Roulette Games

Given that online Roulette games are normally more fast-paced than any gambling game, it is not all that surprising that lots of players all over the globe want a taste of it. Add on intense suspense and excitement, lots of thrills and more, and it’s easy to see why Roulette is among the most loved and heavily played game on the globe.

Now, Roulette is normally divided into the American and European versions that can be played at our casino. Online Roulette, however, has lots of variants, with each trying to one-up the other and generate the most buzz. Listing all the online Roulette variants that are currently available will take all of this week. But here are a quartet of some of the most popular Roulette versions available online that are offered by the best online casino sites in the UK .

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Different Types Of Online Roulette Games

Speed Roulette

When an online Roulette variant has speed as its name you would be excused for imagining the gameplay experience to be faster than light! And thankfully that’s just about the case with the Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming! This Roulette version is available on both mobile devices and the PC and gets its name from the fact each spin lasts just 25 seconds. The action is streamed in HD from a studio in Riga and a specially designed Roulette wheel is employed. Players are assured of the best view courtesy of numerous strategically positioned HD cameras. Betting here occurs during each spin and no “dead” time is allowed. With this emphasis on speed, players are able to get ahold of 50 game rounds every hour, which is indeed so speedy that the brain can barely keep up!

Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette is so called due to a rather interesting characteristic. In this online Roulette games version, players can save a maximum of 8 separate betting patterns. Any of these patterns are then automatically triggered by certain pre-selected gameplay actions. Thus, players can take a spin, with exactly what happens in the following spin varying depending on what was previously pre-selected from the 8 modes and what happened in the initial spin. Apart from the extremely automated gameplay, Auto Roulette has deep graphics and is quite customizable.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette sports a stunning art deco theme and all the familiar online Roulette games elements. There’s a charming live dealer in place and a bonus feature that shows where this online Roulette version got its name. In this bonus, lucky numbers get smashed by a lightning-like effect and provide multipliers of from 50x to 500x. Otherwise, the gameplay experience here is pretty much straightforward.

Double Ball Roulette

This Roulette variant is pretty much standard Roulette, with the only remarkable thing being that two rather than one ball are used. These balls are shot out nearly simultaneously on either a single or double zero wheel and it’s possible for both balls to land in the same pocket. The rules and payouts here are roughly standard and players can lay bets just like they would on normal Roulette.

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Note: Not all roulette games are created equal. Know the differences before you start your game, and if you’re still not sure, bookmark this page and check back regularly for our latest updates.

Different Types Of Online Roulette Games
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