Rise of Gods: Reckoning

There are some high fashion Greek spins here at Rise of Gods: Reckoning. You will not know when the rewards will fall and get you the right prize. You have to spin it all from above and wait for the right combination to click. So, next is your chance to win and there is no time to spare. Be the next winner of Rise of Gods: Reckoning ! 

About the Slot of Rise of Gods: Reckoning

Rise of Gods: Reckoning is a super slot game where you don’t have to do much to get the wins. Even Though this is a Greek slot, there is a lot of new stuff to ponder upon here. You get to see super charged symbols and a high sky New York canvas in the background. How can that be possible? Yes! Rise of Gods: Reckoning is made with a mixture of Greek and Newyork fashion where Zeus and his brothers are in a new outlook. So, come spin Rise of Gods: Reckoning right away to know more! 

Symbols and Icons

The symbols here are as original as it can get and they can make a ton of spins if you spin it maturely. These symbols will make all the necessary spins and give you the best rewards of Rise of Gods: Reckoning. These symbols begin with A to J royals which will be the regular playing cards, some numerals, then comes the Hades, Poseidon and Zeus main icons and the scatters and wilds as the bonuses. The interface will help you win everything, so you just have to make wins and the rest will be controlled by the game itself. 

Features and Bonuses

The free spins and the multipliers are the main reward functions here. They are easy to spin as well as easy to win. Just press the spin icon and according to your spins, you will get the rewards. That’s all you have to do. So, hop right in and spin.


Rise of Gods: Reckoning is all good and easy to win from the interface. It’s a game where you can be a good shepherd and the wins will come directly to your way. So, spin and get the fun. 

Game Title : Rise of Gods: Reckoning

Author Name : John Bolger

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Rise of Gods: Reckoning