Links of Fire

You will get the feeling of a nostalgic 90s disco themed parlor while spinning the game of Links of Fire. The slot is built upon this very same theme and it never causes any problems while doing it. It’s super simple to spin as well as to win the free spins. All you have to do is to continuously spin and get all the power packs. That’s all. 

About the Slot Game of Links of Fire

Links of Fire is an online slot game made from the house of Microgaming and it has a lot of fiery disco elements all throughout the layout. The color of red can be seen everywhere and it really matched with the entire setup. So, now about the graphics. The effects and animation of Links of Fire duly sync with the overall gameplay and there is nothing to rematch it again and again. The players can easily get through all the levels easily. So, come, join Microgaming to win all the fun of Links of Fire. 

Symbols and Icons of Links of Fire

There are two sets of symbols here at this slot game. These will be lows and high. The lows will be super simple icons like playing card ones and the highs will be the regular club themed. Anyhow, you can easily spin these and take out the rewards. These start with some aces, spades, diamonds and club icons. Then comes the high valued one’s like dice, bars, 7s, cherries and bells. In addition to this, there are scatters as well as wilds too. So, spin these symbols and be the ultimate winner of Links of Fire. 

Features and Bonuses

Free Spins are the main bonuses of Links of Fire. They can be spinned by the falling of 3x scatters on a reel set. Get up to 30x free spins if you get that lucky! There are these link and win features as well as jackpots are also here at Links of Fire. Roll these too. 


It’s all easy to spin and win the game of Links of Fire. Just make some combinations and you will reach where you really want to reach. So, spin the game and win it all!

Game Title : Links of Fire

Author Name : John Bolger

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Links of Fire