Western Gold 2

As an introduction, one can say that Western Gold 2 is a terrific slot game made with terrific background features and bonuses. The gamers here just have to make the initial spins and the rest will be automatically controlled by the slot’s interface. So, carry on with the spins and make your sublime western wins right here at Western Gold 2. 

About the Online Slot of Western Gold 2

Are you ready to spin the game of Western Gold 2? It’s a slot where the entire fun is hidden in those wild west reels. The game is simple and straightforward and there is no such thing as complication here. The game can make all the wonders through the reel set and this is only what you need to get to the wins. The animations and spinning graphics have the very same wild west theme and aura. The background music also has the very same element of wild west fashion. So, spin the game and make your entry. 

Symbols and Icons

There are a lot of wild west symbols here to spin here at Western Gold 2. With the right set of spins, you can get a lot of superb rewards and their multipliers. So, let’s meet the symbols, shall we? These will be low-profile symbols:- playing cards, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and guns.Then there are these high-profile bar icons with singles, doubles and triple waves. Then comes the free spins bonuses as well as scatter icons. Press the spin icon and the combinations start to get formed. So, get in here and spin the reels. 

Features and Bonuses

Western Gold 2 has free spins, multipliers and lots of other scatter fall options. There is no shortage here and spinning these is just a daisy roll, which you have to do from the very beginning. So, spin the game and make your game a success. 


Western Gold 2 is a super slot with mobile embedded features. You can just simply spin the game with your relaxed mind and you will get the bonuses one by one. So, spin it out now and win it out of everything.

Game Title : Western Gold 2

Author Name : John Bolger

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Western Gold 2