Mayhem is super cool and there is a lot to spin and collect here. The main attraction here will be Mayhem itself. The mayhem structure defines the entire slot game and makes the players ready without any prejudition. Just spin the game and you will get all the enhancements one by one. So, get ready and spin Mayhem to its fullest right away. You certainly don’t wanna miss this game! 

About the Slot Game of Mayhem

Mayhem is super fun as well as super easy to spin and win. The layers of this slot will fall down one by one according to your spins. There is a wide range of symbols to pop up here and these will make all the achievements for you. Mayhem is about a ghost town with sign boards to nowhere on both sides of the layout. This is the central structure of the game. The rest is just pure fancy and fun. The animations and graphics are totally good and they can enhance the gaming to the next level. So, roll it now! 

Symbols and Icons

If you are ready, then spin Mayhem to the fullest. There is a lot to cover here in the symbols section itself and they can win you big. Don’t get fooled by the minimalism of this cyberpunk structure. So, are you ready to spin Mayhem? These are the symbols. First comes the A to J playing card royals, then there are these lips, grenades, helmets and some dollar signs. Just spin these symbols and you can get a lot if you know how to spin. 

Features and Bonuses of the Slot of Mayhem

Mayhem has a lot of cool features like the falls of wilds and free spins. These are activated by the wilds and bonus markers. Just make combinations with these and the winnings will come flying to you in the form of free spins and respins. So, start giving your best right here. 


Mayhem is ready for you, and it can offer a lot of the best rewards! The more you spin here, the more you will get from the game. So, come on and spin the game like there is no other slot like this ghost town, Mayhem.

Game Title : Mayhem

Author Name : John Bolger

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