Lordi Reel Monsters

Lordi Reel Monsters is a simple slot and can be spinned by anyone who has a rolling portfolio. There is nothing complicated or glitch forming here. It’s just a simple game with a horror theme. There is a band in the background and this is what the entire game is all about. Just go with the flow and spin the slot of Lordi Reel Monsters to win everything. 

About the Slot of Lordi Reel Monsters

Lordi Reel Monsters has nothing complicated during the spinning schedule. The players can directly come and spin the slot off to a great start. The players can see the Lordi Finnish heavy metal band characters in the background. This is why the game has all the heavy-metal cum horror themes all over the place. The animations and graphics duly sync with this theme and never makes a problem anywhere in the slot. So, start spinning the game and win all from Lordi Reel Monsters. It’s a game which you shouldn’t miss. 

Symbols and Icons of the Slot

The symbols and Icons here at Lordi Reel Monsters can be rolled by anyone and it is super easy to make rewards out of it. It’s a game which everybody should spin and it’s super easy too. If you need these, just spin the character slots like mana, hiisi, amen, hella and Mr Lordi. They are the main bands. Then there are these band players as Mana (jazz), Hiisi (bass guitar), Amen (guitar), Hella (synths) and Mr Lordi (vocals) too. With all these, winning Lordi Reel Monsters is super simple as well as musical. 

Features and Bonuses of the Slot

Free Spins are there as well as Cascades. You know how cascades work, right? They just make new symbols out of the old sets and make you prone for new and better wins. So, spin Lordi Reel Monsters and get all the wonderful rewards from it. 


Lordi Reel Monsters is an easy slot game and it is made for all. Just make some arrangements and spin the reels which you have here and the rewards will come your way. So, Lordi Reel Monsters are all ready for you. Are you ready?

Game Title : Lordi Reel Monsters

Author Name : John Bolger

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Lordi Reel Monsters