Tips and tricks to play online slot tournaments

Tips and tricks to play online slot tournaments

Many slot players look forward to participating at online slot tournaments. They are a big deal in the world of online casinos. They are conducted with leaderboards i.e. the player who secures the highest score at the leaderboard wins the game. Each of these tournaments have different slot features. They earn exclusive rewards like luxury benefits, jackpot prizes, expensive budgets and cash prizes. The blog will explain everything about slot tournaments in great detail.

Reasons for participating in slot tournaments

Online Slots are usually played alone but tournaments make it interactive and competitive. There are many reasons why you should try your hand at slot tournaments.

Special prizes –

Usually, the top 10 winners get access to lucrative awards. They can be in the form of cash prizes or any exclusive reward or slot payouts.

Hope for big wins –

In many online slot games, players receive game wins. It means that you will get to win another round of the tournament to reap exclusive cash rewards and benefits.

Competitive edge –

Tournaments offer you a competitive advantage over others. The leaderboard reflects your score and compares your performance with other players. You get to see where you stand in the game and assess your strengths, weaknesses and skills accordingly. Tournaments bring out your competitive side which makes the game even more thrilling and exhilarating.

What are the different types of slot tournaments

Online casinos offer different versions of slot tournaments. Some of the popular ones have been mentioned below:

Buy-in tournament:

You have to place a buy-in wager to participate in this tournament. Depending on the buy-in wagers, you are allowed to opt for a certain number of spins. The number of spinnings will predict your rank on the leaderboard. If you exhaust your spins, you can always ask for more provided you purchase another buy-in wager.

One-off tournaments:

To be eligible for this game, you have to register with an online casino and make a deposit to play the tournament. The game runs on timers and has very special cash prizes in store for the winners.

Sit and Go Tournaments:

It’s open to any player. You will get a seat on the first cum first basis.

Scheduled Tournament:

Reserved for special players only. This game invites selected members to be a part of the tournament.

Freeroll Tournament:

Also known as free slots tournaments, they are used for promotional purposes. You do not have to purchase buy-in wagers or sign up for the event. There is no limit on the number of participants.

Different ways of winning points in a slots tournament

Each competition comes with their set of rules and guidelines on how to win points and take up the first rank in the tournament.

Total number of wins:

You get points for winning. The more points you win, the more prizes you get.

Total Stake Values:

Solely depends on your wagers. The more wages you place, the more prizes you win.

Biggest Winning Spin:

As the name implies, you get to win prizes on the number of spins. The more you soon, the better your rank is in the leaderboard.

How to develop an online slots tournament strategy?

The best way to win an online slots tournament is to play fast. This achieves two important goals:

Experts suggest that the best strategy to win slots is to play quickly. This is because of two reasons: 1) If the tournament is based on wins and spins, you have to play fast. For betting more, you get more wagers and wins. 2) You get to avail of exclusive bonus features. Bonuses can provide better chances of winning the game.

Whether you play for a video slot or progressive slot, the strategy mostly remains the same. To get maximum points on the leaderboard, you need to follow these steps

Click on the quickspin on the settings option. It increases the speed of the reels.
Upon cancelling spinning, the reel animation finishes very quickly which will help you finish the game quickly.
You can click the spacebar to enable fast spinning of the reels. Some gaming manufacturers have added this feature into online slots.

Advantages and disadvantages of participation in slot tournaments

Before seriously thinking about giving a shot to the slot games, you need to be acquainted with certain pros and cons of the games.

Pros of slot tournaments

You get to win big cash and jackpot prizes
You can gauge on your losses
You get several chances of winning
If you are an exclusive VIP member of the casino, you do not have to pay any entry fee for participating in the tournaments

Cons of slot tournaments

You have to be very quick in playing
You may always not get your desired slot
Sometimes, you are not allowed to keep jackpot upon winning
There is a fixed time for participation in tournaments

Some precautionary measures to follow in slot tournaments

Apart from the basic scrutiny of the online slot and game, you should read the terms and conditions very carefully. Read about the deadline and duration of the tournament. Make sure to take part in the given timeframe. If you do not find your favourite slots in the game, you are free to opt out from the competition.

What can you do with the money you’ve just won?

A common question that surfaces in the minds of the players is how he should use the cash or the jackpot money he won from the competition. There are two ways of making the maximum use of the winnings.

Prize pool

You need to decide how much you are willing to spend on the tournament. Say the prize money is $5000 but if it has to be shared among 50 players, the winner hardly gets anything. You should not bet large amounts if the prize money is insufficient

Tournament prize

The tournament prizes depend on the money you have bet on the tournament, thus decreasing the total value of these prizes.

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