Know All about the Online Slot Features

Know All about the Online Slot Features

Back in the days, all that was needed to operate a slot was to feed the machine and pull the lever. Then came the online slot features with stunning graphics, as well as bonuses, some of which can be highly rewarding and a little complicated. 

Know All about the Online Slot Features

The imminent arrival of Virtual Reality (VR) to the online gambling world threatens to shake up things further while placing limitless fun within easy reach. Oh, what a time it is to be an online slot fan!

VR matters apart, there are really some online slot features that might be confusing to some players and possibly interfering with their enjoyment of the game. These online slot features will be briefly explained below in no order of preference:

  • Free as air with Free Spins! – Free spins are perhaps the most distinguishing feature of any online slot. These types of bonuses are usually activated by the presence of scatter icons. The number of awarded free spins are either fixed or will vary according to such factors as the exact number of triggering icons.
  • Extra Free Spins – Sometimes, it is possible to trigger additional free spins right from within the free spins round. These extra spins will be tacked onto the initial spins and can sometimes be triggered virtually endlessly.
  • Spin and Multiply – Now and then, it is possible for wins in the free spins round to be multiplied. This multiplier feature often results in wins that are doubled or tripled in value.
  • Make way for Respins – Respins and free spins are actually not the same. In this popular online slot feature, awarded spins are played on the reels, with the particular reel that activated the respin feature being locked in place for the duration of the respin. This is in contrast to free spins, during which the entire reel set spins up.
  • Wilding Wilds – This is one of those online slot features that like a chameleon assumes varied forms and capabilities. Some wilds can cover entire reels and make them fully wild, while most wilds can replace all other icons except the scatter, while also boosting the payout potential. There are online slots with one wild icon as well as others with multiple wilds. Wilds come in varied forms and include the following:
    • Expanding /Stacked Wild – This expands across one or multiple reels.
    • Sticky Wilds – These stay in place till the end of the feature
    • Roaming/Rolling/Walking/Jumping Wild – This move across the reel set, finding more advantageous positions.
    • Colossal Wild – Forms a colossal icon that covers multiple reels.
    • Replicating Wild – This replicates itself.
    • Random Wild – This is an icon that is randomly selected to assume the role of the wild during the bonus round.
    • Linked Wilds – This ensures that all icons that stand between them are remade into wilds.
    • Multiplier Wilds – This enhances the payout
    • Mystery Wild – This is a universal icon that can change into any other icon.
    • Multiplier – This online slot feature is much in demand. Online slot multipliers are either fixed or progressive.
  • Pick me bonus games – Pick-and-win games are where players get offered picks, with the right selection fetching rewards and bonuses. There are many variations of this popular online slot features.
  • Gamble like a boss! – This gamble option is totally optional and makes it possible for players to double, triple and even quadruple their stake by either guessing the right card colour or the outcome of a coin flip.
  • Cascading fun – In some slots, once a winning combo has been formed, the icons that formed the win explode in place. Other icons fall into place from above and can potentially form new winning combos. These icons explode as well, helping make consecutive wins possible.
  • Wheeling it! –  The Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular online slot features. It usually has a guaranteed prize, with players winning one thing or the other by spinning a wheel.
  • Nudging into splendid wins – The Nudge feature is one of those online slot features that essentially nudges icons into place for wins.
  • Collecting the Collectibles – This online slot feature is ongoing, with players receiving specific icons until they have enough of them, at which point a bonus is activated.
  • Extra and extending reels – In the main, most slots are equipped with 5 reels. There are however online slots that make possible the unlocking of extra reels. These online slot features are added to either the top or bottom of the reel set and adds extra icons into the mix.
  • Meters for Peter !- Meters make it possible for players to store specific powers or icons and then make use of these once it has reached a certain amount.
  • Mega thrills with Megaways – Megaways is among the dynamic online slot features that result in the random changing of the paylines during spins. First trialled and later patented by Big Time Gaming, it is one of the most well-liked gameplay features. 

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