What Makes Video Slots So Appealing?

What Makes Video Slots So Appealing?

Video slots are a product of the revolution of the traditional mechanical slot machines. Video slots online provide better engaging graphics and features to allure people to bet more. Slot machine games online provide a greater shot for bonuses and side games which has made the slot games online sought-after. Video slots have augmented a number of pay lines that make it possible to bet a higher number of coins and hence better chances at winning with every spin. Video slots have thus become a crowd favourite in lieu of the traditional mechanical reel slots.

What Makes Video Slots So Appealing?

How Video slots online came into existence?

The first-ever video slot game was launched by Fortune Coin Company in 1975, which was called the ‘Fortune Coin’. The ‘Fortune Coin was the first slot machine to be played on a screen, but unfortunately, it didn’t kick off as expected by the company. It was in 1979 when SIRCOMA introduced their first video poker game that was widely accepted and that changed the game for the video slots.

In 1994, Bally Game Maker was created which had manifold games in a single machine. Thereafter, the best slot games started gaining popularity, and more individual slot games were being created by Odyssey and WMS Gaming’s Reel ‘Em In. The success of “Reel ‘Em In” set an example to realize the slot makers of the features that were most anticipated in the video slots games. Reel ‘Em shifted the industry massively, and the slot makers had to follow up to keep their game going on and thus began the competition to release the best slot games.

The best online game slots are the ones that provide maximum interactivity to the users. Equipping the best features in the video slots is an important aspect to attract players to play slot games and to keep them entertained.

Adaptations in video slots

Although every video slot game uses a random number generator at first to get an outcome, the numerous adaptations within the gameplay can affect the manner in which you play. The most likely variations you are likely to come across while playing video slot online are:

  • Reels:  The number of reels varies for each slot game, but the most commonly used are the three reels or the five-reel machines. The three-reel machines are more alike the traditional reel machines, whereas the five-reel machines are different from the traditional ones yet not so alien today. But the variation indeed leaves the room to choose the most suitable slot machine. 
  • Rows: The number of rows on the video slot game can determine solely what you could have seen as a result, or they can also act like additional pay lines. Additional rows could be added in the case of the pay lines available that are not sufficient.
  • Paylines: The number of pay lines offered to players vary from machine to machine and from game to game. Apart from the traditional horizontal centerline, the video slots have opened up the horizons to bet on more than just a single outcome. The video slot online games have started using V pay lines, zigzag pay lines, etc. that have resultantly increased the chances of winning more for each spin. In order to win more at best playing mobile casino games, you should try your luck on the pay lines.
  • Progressive jackpot: The video slot games with the progressive jackpot increases the jackpot by a certain amount following every spin. Often these machines require you to bet the maximum so as to avail the progressive jackpot. You have to bet wisely if you want to play the progressive jackpot as you have to put your maximum bet for it to come into effect.

Video slots have emerged as a modern way to play the traditional slot games. With each variation as discussed above, the players can enjoy different games and explore the entertaining features of the advanced slot machines. The slot machines have certainly increased the shots at winning more and more with each spin. The engaging graphics, bonuses, and side games promise to provide entertainment to the players along with winning prizes.

There are various platforms where you can play slot machine games online and have not only a great time but also get a chance at winning some real money.

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Post Name : What Makes Video Slots So Appealing?

Posted On : 29/04/2020

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