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How Do Side Bets Work in Blackjack?


With easy-to-understand strategies and simple rules, Blackjack has become one of the most famous card games in online casinos UK and in other casinos across the globe. Well, there is one thing about the game that players love the most: the Blackjack side bets. Side bets in Blackjack make the game more interesting, offering you multiple ways to win. In simple words, these are additional bets you can place in the game. If you are playing online Blackjack for the first time, then understanding more about the side bets can help you lower the risk of loss. So, in this article, we will discuss various side bet options, how you can use them, the benefits of side bets, and more. Read on to explore all. 

Blackjack Side Bets- A Simple Explanation

These are additional bets that you can place while playing a standard Blackjack game. Under these bets, you need to predict which cards your opponents and the dealer will get. You need to place your bets before the cards are distributed. Remember that the side bets are hugely depend on luck or chance. There is no skill involved in this. However, before betting, you can count the cards to select a favourable combination of your side bets. Experts say the type of side bet you choose can influence the Blackjack probability. While the most common types of side bets you will find in this game are 21+3, Perfect Pairs and Insurance, you can also go for other options. Keep reading to know more.

Popular Blackjack Side Bets Types

One of the most common side bets is the Insurance Blackjack side bet. This bet offers insurance against the chances of the dealer getting Blackjack. You can opt for this if the dealer gets an ace. However, keep in mind that this bet covers 50 percent of your original betting amount, and the payout is 2 1 if the dealer gets Blackjack. Well, it may be a popular option, but it has also been seen that payers lose more money on this bet. The reason behind this is the probability law says that even if the dealer has an ace as their first card, the is no guarantee that the dealer will get Blackjack.

21+3 Side Bet

This type of side bet includes the two cards of players and the dealer’s upturned card. Here, players are allowed to bet on 3 cards consisting of different combinations of suits as well as values. The payout will vary based on one combination to another, for example: 

  • Suited Three or Suited Triple: This happens when you get 3 cards of the same suit and value. For example, three 7 of hearts. Here, the payout would be around 100:1. 
  • Straight Flush: The payout is around 40:1, and to make this, you need to get three cards in sequence, and they should be of the same suit. For instance, four, five and six of hearts. 
  • Flush: For this combination, you need to have three cards from the same suit, such as six, seven and eight of diamonds. It offers a payout of around 5:1. 
  • Straight: Here, the three cards should be in a sequence, but the suit can be different. For example, four of spades, five of clubs and seven of hearts. The payout is 10:1.  
  • Three of Kind: If the value of the three cards is the same irrespective of their suit, then you have the Three of Kind combination. For example, 3 Kings. In general, the payout for this combination is 30:1.

It may be noted that the House Edge for this bet can vary based on the number of decks utilized. For four decks, the house edge is 8.78 percent. For five, six and seven decks, it is 7.81, 71.4 and 6.29 percentage, respectively. 

Perfect Pairs

This particular side bet utilizes only the cards of the player and you will get a payout if you have two of a kind. For instance: 

  • Perfect Pair: When you get two cards of the same suit and rank, like two four of hearts. The payout is 30:1.
  • Mixed Pair: Two cards with the same rank value but the colours are different. For example, six diamonds and hearts. The payout will be 5:1. 
  • Coloured Pair: Two cards of different suits but a pair of the same colour and rank. The payout is 10:1

Some Other Side Bets You Can Use in Blackjack

To attract and retain new players, online casinos are now changing Blackjack dealers’ rules and introducing new side bets. While some new side bets are widely available, others can only be found in a few online casinos, we would say in selected ones. Let’s have a look at those new side bets:

  • Super Match

This side bet is available only in the Blackjack Switch version. You need to place your bet before the distribution of cards. If you get a similar pair, two pairs or three of a king and a pair of four, then you will win the round.

  • Super Sevens

Under this bet, you will get a reward if there are one or more sevens in the cards received by the player. As per the rules, one seven will pay you 3:1. If you get 2 unsuited sevens, the payout will be 50:1. You will get 100:1 if you have two suited sevens. If the 3rd card is also a seven, then you can get up to 5000:1. 

  • Surrender

Well, this is not really a side bet, but this gives an opportunity to change the position of your betting on a hand. When you opt for the Surrender, you will receive a chance to compare the first two cards with the face-up cards of the dealer, and you can prefer to surrender if you think the dealer will get the Blackjack.  

In the world of Blackjack, you will find more such side bets like Royal Match, Lucky Ladies, Blackjack Split and more. However, the option you can choose may vary based on the type of Blackjack you are playing.

Final Words

Some Blackjack myths will say that side bets are a perfect option to lower the loss. However, we would say when making a side bet, you are just betting on your luck, and it doesn’t require any skill. That means, sometimes, you may win, but you should also stay prepared to make a loss. These can increase the house edge of the game. But if you are ready to take your chance on this, then go on and give these side bets a try. After all, the payout can go up to 5000:1. 

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