Popular & Absurd Blackjack Myths

Popular & Absurd Blackjack Myths

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The exciting world of Blackjack loses its charm when mixed with lies and myths that don’t make any sense. While they do sound believable, they offer nothing in terms of value, which is why they need to go. Since reading these myths have an impact on playing styles and the various decisions that you make while playing online Blackjack, it is essential that you forget about them and look at the real side of the story.

So read the following for it is a take on the most popular and absurd Blackjack myths.

Your opponents can make you lose

Assuming that your opponent or a bad player sitting at third base can make you lose a game is quite absurd not to mention foolish. While they can create an impact, it largely depends on how you respond rather than how they play. Be it Blackjack or famous variations like Blackjack Switch, you can always outshine your opponent.

All it takes is an important strategy and knowledge of what the game has to offer. With these aspects in hand, you can look towards eliminating the damage and moving ahead to play Blackjack in the right manner.

Blackjack has the lowest house edge

It is an easy sell to say that Blackjack has the lowest house edge and thus will be an entertaining game. While it is true to a certain extent, casinos tend to bring in different rules and make the process difficult. You might not always find a Blackjack with a low house edge because it takes hard work.

You need to find a table with player-friendly rules, understand the exact payout and figure out what kind of Blackjack is being played there. Once you have such information, you can move ahead to explore the house edge of a game like Blackjack and continue playing the same at a casino online.

Without looking into these aspects of the game, it would be wrong to assume that you are going to find a Blackjack table with the lowest house edge.

blackjack card counting

Card counting is a task for an expert

There are no expert strategies, advanced techniques and manipulative analysis that goes into the process of card counting. It is basic maths and thus does not necessarily remain a job for an expert. You need to be focused on the task at hand and if you continue following a unique process, you can count cards with ease.

Since the objective is to track card values in order to determine when the deck has more 10s and aces, you need to know how cards are counted. For example, cards from

  • 2-6 are counted as +1
  • 7-9 are counted as neutral and 0
  • 10-A are counted as -1

With this simple understanding of the game, you can count cards and forget about complex methods like edge sorting and so on. In this manner, you can also beat this famous Blackjack myth.

Blackjack strategies are hard

Whenever it comes to picking strategies for casino games, everyone ends up listening to someone or the other stating how hard strategies are. While they can be a little complicated, they are far away from being classified as hard. You can always get an idea or two about a strategy or even learn it all if you give it enough time and practice the same to a huge extent.

The effort needs to come from your side and when it is out there, you can look towards completing the strategy and learning it all. There are several Blackjack strategies to start with and every one of them will point towards something different or share a similar stance with small differences.

So the objective is to find one that suits your style and sticks to what you consider to be ideal. If the strategy does not meet your expectations, you can always switch over to the next one.

You will eventually win the game

If there are experts reading this, they are sure to have a laugh or two mainly because of how weird and absurd this myth is. Players assume that playing the game for a certain period will leave them with a win. Regardless of whichever variant of Blackjack, be it Blackjack Split or Perfect Pairs Blackjack or even how much you study about Blackjack Probability, you won’t get a win by merely playing the game for a long time.

Playing Blackjack is not a movie and if it were, there are no obvious clues to hint that you are the lead. So sit back and relax, learn a bit more about Blackjack and don’t fall for this myth again.

The only objective is to get close to 21

Aiming for the magic number or only looking to get close to 21 might be a way of going bust. While it is clearly an objective, it is not the only one to consider. Your move should be to win a hand and for that, you need to beat the dealer by having the higher value in cards.

During this process, you should also look to not go bust because that would be a sad ending to our story. So you don’t have an objective but objectives to consider and that is where you need to be focusing. Apart from the number 21, you also need to understand your game with the dealer and how it can make a difference.


From believing how your opponents can make you lose to understanding how getting to 21 is the only objective, there are a lot of Blackjack myths in town. You need to stay away from the same and focus on your game. By doing so, you will get a better idea of Blackjack and how the game can be moulded to your use.

Hence, those were some of the most popular and absurd myths about Blackjack.

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Post Name : Popular & Absurd Blackjack Myths

Posted On : 06/03/2022

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