Classic slot machines that players love to explore

Classic slot machines that players love to explore

Slot machines hold a special place in every casino gambling enthusiast’s heart. To start with, a lot of casual gamblers consider the slots to be the perfect opportunity to test their gambling skills. 

One of the main advantages of playing slots is that you can play it alone and be shielded from the pressure-filled environment of the casino pit where dealers and other gamblers stare at your every move. 

Also gambling in classic slot machines helps you to conserve your bankroll while it costs comparatively less than other casino games like roulette, blackjack, and craps.

  • Casinos offer different kinds of slot games.
  • In Britain, slot machines are also known as fruit machines as they consist of fruit symbols.
  • Some of these are simple and good while some are not.
  • This article lists some of the best classic slot machines available for UK players.

Coming to the evolution of slot machines the first ever slot machine was invented by Charles fey a Bavarian emigrant and entrepreneur back in 1895 in the United States of America.

At that time the well favoured gambling machine was the horseshoe machine which was developed by Gustav Friedrich Schultze by the year 1893. It was the first machine ever to provide an automatic payoff by dispensing tickets which players can redeem prizes from.

Fey later designed a slot machine called “ liberty bell”, which provides a direct cash payout instead, as he recognized the gamblers would prefer direct cash out over other prizes. Just like that, he revolutionized the world gambling industry by introducing the first coin to coin slot game also.

 Within a modern casino, Fey’s vintage slot machine is hardly recognized in the pit nowadays. Despite all these developments, slot machines are always associated with the remarkable taste of nostalgia. This invites a lot of players, even youngsters to try their luck in slot machines.

 Let me introduce you to the few evergreen favorite slot machines in the gambling history.

  • Starburst

Starburst is one of the best-loved video-based classic slot machines series developed by Swedish developer NetEnt. And it’s one of the Highest Payout Slot Machines. After its launch in 2012, starburst gained popularity all over the UK for multiple reasons. In the UK different slot tournaments are conducted every day. The game contained extraordinary visual graphics at that time which resulted in its quick fame.

 Secondly, it drifted away from the typical slot game trend based on fruit bars and bells. Starburst was based on space and distinguished by sparkling jewels in the colours red, yellow, purple, blue, and green. It’s also a low volatile game that awards money to the winners regularly and also to notice with a small investment of 5000x your stake amount you can earn if you play great. Also, starburst has a payout rate of 96 % which is more than impressive. 

  • Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II is a widely accepted slot game in the UK, which is developed by Man-based Microgaming which was inspired by Norse gods. To win you need to line up various Norse gods in the reel. The simplicity of the thunderstruck II classic slot machines brings a lot of fan base for it. Also, this slot Volatility game comes up with different rewards and bonuses, if you have managed to activate Thor on three reels, you can qualify for a bonus round named Great hall of spins.  

Also in this online casino games series Thunderstruck II, you will be awarded multiple rewards if you activate any of these, Thor, Valkyrie, Odin or Loki.

  • Book of dead

This ultimate mind-winning slots online game is created by Sweden based developer Play’n GO. The theme of this game is ancient Egyptian culture and history. The storyline of this  live casino online game is based on a man called Richard Wilde, who is on an adventurous quest to find the secrets about the dead.

The game was launched in 2004, and since then it is one of the well-liked slot games in Britain and the rest of Europe. This game remains the perfect opportunity for gamblers who are looking to engage in adventurous-based slot games.

 As a matter of fact, “ book of dead” received widespread reactions across the country as it shares similarities with the video slot game Novomatic’s Book of Ra. but once players started experiencing the gameplay and the array of bonuses the book of dead offers, they instantly fell in love with it. 

  • Fruit spin

Fruit Spin is a video-based classic slot game from the house of NetEnt developers.

Fruit Spin is a video-based slot game. This game was developed by NetEnt. The slot is very colourful and the quality of the graphics and effects are very pleasing to the eyes and ears. The background of the game screen consists of various shades of geometric shapes and mainly tones of blue. The logo is placed on the top left corner of the game screen.

 The reels are glassy along with borders in a thin gray shade. Then comes the pay lines on either corner of the reel are in little gray dot marks. 

To win the fruit spin, you have to line up three lookalike symbols on the reels. These are the major symbols available in the fruit spin slot machine;

  • Orange 
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Cherry 
  • Mint Leaves 
  • Grapes 
  • 7 Bar
  • Single Gold Bar 
  • Double Silver Bar
  • Triple Gold Bar 

Triggering the symbols in the reels can potentially increase the chance of winnings. Fruit spin is comparatively easy and has reluctant features for every player to enjoy the game. 

Fruit spin also offers attractive mobile casino bonuses for the players based on the symbols they trigger on the reels, few of them are:

  • Lucky wheel

If the player manages to activate scatter symbols on the reel. They will unlock the lucky wheel bonus. Which will unlock instant payouts or free spin rounds. Players can avail one spin for each time the scatter symbol is visible on their reels.

  • Free Spins

If the player activates or lands on the free spin symbol thrice during the lucky wheel reward, they will be eligible to avail of five free spins. This is considered a great chance by players to hit the jackpot or other big prizes.

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