Must Know Things About Blackjack Shuffle Tracking

Must Know Things About Blackjack Shuffle Tracking

Blackjack is one of the popular casino games that players around the world enjoy playing. When playing blackjack, familiarising yourself with terms like hit and stand, blackjack split, etc., is important. Apart from that, knowing about the card shuffle is equally important. If you are a regular casino player, you must have noticed that dealers are very attentive to how the cards are being shuffled. Blackjack shuffle is usually done with extra care and therefore takes more time. To gain an advantage over the dealers, players are always in search of different ways. Blackjack shuffle tracking is one of the best advantage techniques that can be used by players in the game of blackjack.

What is Shuffle Tracking?

If you are new to the online casino UK, you must be wondering what is shuffle tracking?. Well, shuffle tracking is an advanced technique in which players or a team keep track of the specific area of the decks, before and during the shuffle process. In the blackjack round, when the cards are dealt, the player keeps note of specific cards. Then the player uses this knowledge to cut those cards out of play or into play when allowed to cut cards.

The core goal of blackjack shuffle tracking is to keep track of the high cards such as aces and tens. Through keen observation of how the cards are shuffled, played, dealt, and placed in the discard tray, players can make the most of this advantage technique. 

While you play blackjack online, all you need to do is identify a specific set of cards, keep track of them throughout the game, and make predictions as to where they end.  With accurate shuffle tracking, you will be able to make big bets at the appropriate time.

Types of Blackjack Shuffle Tracking

There are several ways in which shuffle tracking is done. Here are some of the most common shuffle tracking methods that you can try. 

  • Key card location

In this shuffle tracking method, all you need to do is identify a single card and then try memorizing the ones that follow. So, when that specific card or key card has been dealt to a player, you can easily know all that follows.

  • Ten Steering

Ten steerings is one of the popular shuffle tracking methods used by blackjack players. In this method, you need to track the ten cards, locate them while the deck is cut, and use them to make accurate predictions.

  • Ace Sequencing

Ace sequencing is quite similar to ten steerings. Instead of the ten-card, you need to keep track of the aces. In this method, you need to track the aces, locate them while the deck is cut, and make accurate predictions to gain an advantage over the dealers.

  • Zone Tracking

Another popular type of shuffle tracking is zone tracking. In this method, you will identify the pack or zone of high-value cards in blackjack. Then you will have to follow it as the cards are shuffled in the deck.

Cutting the Shuffled Cards

To gain an edge at blackjack shuffle tracking, getting control of the cut card is important. It allows you to cut off everything not included in your ten-rich zone. With control over the cut cards, the first cards in the shoe are the favourable high cards. 

When playing against the dealer, getting control of the cut card isn’t difficult. However, when there are several players involved, it can be a little tricky. In that case, you can try having a team of players on the blackjack table who will take control of the cut card. 

Advantages of Shuffle Tracking

Blackjack shuffle tracking provides several benefits to the players. Here are some of the most prominent benefits.

  • Shuffle tracking allows achieving greater advantages in comparison to card counting.
  • The bet spreads are usually greater than the card counting.
  • Shuffle tracking enables the players to make large bets just after the cards have been shuffled.

Drawbacks of Blackjack Shuffle Tracking

While there are many benefits of using the shuffle tracking technique, there are certain drawbacks too. Some of the main drawbacks are listed below.

  • Players need to be accurate card counters.
  • Shuffle tracking is a skill that all players cannot master.
  • To use this technique, you will have to find an online casino that uses a simple shuffling procedure.
  • Shuffle tracking can be challenging in online casinos, as the shuffling is done by computers.
  • Making mistakes in tracking the exact position of the ten-rich zone or aces can prove to be costly and can result in significant losses.

Countermeasures of Casinos for Shuffle Tracking

Casinos are aware that players use the shuffle tracking technique to trick the dealers. So, to counteract, they have come up with several measures. The popular countermeasures used by the casinos are listed below.

  • The casinos change the shuffling procedures at intervals.
  • The dealer plugs the cards that were not played into the stack of played cards at random areas.
  • The casinos start using continuous and automatic shuffling machines.
  • The casinos implement complex shuffling routines so that the cards are shuffled in less time.


The demand for mobile casino games is on the rise in recent times. Among all the casino games, blackjack is one of the most popular options among enthusiastic players. Before playing blackjack, knowing the terms and blackjack myths is important. In addition to that, you also need to know techniques to trick the dealers. One of the best techniques is blackjack shuffle tracking. Now that you know everything about shuffle tracking, it is time to use this technique. It will not only make the game more interesting for you but also provide you with an opportunity to make bigger bets. Leverage shuffle tracking and get a chance to make big bets in the game of blackjack. 

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