Is reducing the house edge in Blackjack odds possible?

Is reducing the house edge in Blackjack odds possible?

The popular casino games have a fixed value of house edge. It is determined by the state gambling laws of the country which makes it legal. With the help of the house edge, casinos not only make money but also have to pay rent, bills, fees, salaries etc. The house edge helps the casinos to cover all the outstanding expenses. 

But some games that require the application of a logical gaming strategy have a low house edge. Blackjack is one of those few games where the value of the house edge can get as low as 1%. Blackjack is a game of strategy. Different variations of this game like the American Blackjack, European Blackjack etc. can be played both at a traditional or an online casino. The Blackjack odds will only be in the player’s favour if he wins the game. Games like slots, roulette, etc do not require a definite strategy and the players can easily increase the value of the house edge.

Some of the well-known strategies that are popular for reducing the Blackjack house edge have been mentioned below:

Doubling down strategy 

In Blackjack, the player places his first bet before the dealer starts dealing the cards. The player will not be allowed to place additional bets. But doubling down allows the player to put an extra bet in exchange for one card. Upon receiving the third card, the player cannot use his hand and has to wait for what the dealer has to offer. Before playing, he should go through the rules of the game. Some casinos may allow it to double down after the player reaches a total of 9, 10 or 11. Other casinos allow double down on any given total.

Splitting Strategy 

Before considering the splitting strategy, the player should consider whether he is willing to give up his hand by availing of the late surrender or early surrender option. If he is completely sure of not going ahead with it, then he can choose to split the pairs. He should do this before doubling down or hitting the card. 

Another way the player can avail of this option is when he has dealt with cards of the same value. For example, if he wants to deal with a 4-4 card, he can either play it as a full hand or split the cards, where each card consists of a value of 4. If he goes with the latter option, then he has to place the bet worth the original bet so that each of the two hands has stakes of an equal amount.

Understanding early surrender offering

This is said to be one of the best and popular techniques of reducing the Blackjack house edge. If backed by a perfect strategy, the house edge can decrease by 0.6%. Traditional casinos are slowly doing away with this option as they are replacing it with late surrender. However, players can still find this offer while playing online Blackjack. In early surrender, the gamer has to give up half of his bet only before the dealer has checked out the hole card.

Double down more than two cards to reduce the house edge by 0.2%

Previously, casinos allowed the players to double down only the first cards. But this rule has apparently changed as casinos today allow to double down three or more cards. The double down option can reduce the Blackjack house edge by 0.2%. Players are allowed to double down the cards when they reach a total of 10 or 11. Doubling down on any total with a right and well-planned Blackjack strategy can bring down the value of the house edge drastically. If the player doubles down after splitting pairs, the house edge reduces by 0.14%. 

Earlier, casinos allowed to split the pairs or hit them. Doubling down the pairs was never an option. But nowadays, most of the casinos allow this option.

Splitting aces to reduce the house edge by around 0.14%

Another way to reduce the Blackjack house edge is to split the aces. By splitting the aces, the Blackjack house edge reduces by 0.14%. In some games, the player may get aces as his first card which means he gets the opportunity to build two hands. For each card, he gets one hand. In some casinos, he can use the aces as new hands. Upon further splitting, the aces can get as low as 0.06%.

In Late Surrender, the player gives up the bet after the dealer checks out the hole card

In late surrender, the player has the option to give up his hand along with half of his bet. This is another way to reduce the house edge of Blackjack. But this option can only be taken after the dealer has checked out the hole card. If the dealer has got blackjack, the players cannot avail of this offering and they will lose their bet completely. Late surrender offering can reduce the house edge by 0.08%.

Casino comps

Some online casinos provide a special incentive that goes by the name comp. Known as complementary, they refer to special and exclusive services the casinos offer to its players. The comps are provided based on how long the player has placed the bets n the game. The comps include a wide range of perks that includes a cafe, suite, hotel room, buffet, free air tickets, etc. However, Blackjack offers a wide variety of comps in comparison to other online casino games. The value of the comps can exceed, reduce or remove the Blackjack house edge completely. It is one of the common techniques to reduce Blackjack house edge. 

The player has to opt for a Player Card. It is absolutely free of cost. He can get it on the website or visit the Player’s club at the casinos. The dealer or the supervisor will collect the information about how much bets the player has placed on each game. He will also want to know for how long the player has played each game at the casino. Both of this information will help the supervisor estimate the number of comps he can offer to the player. The comp will depend on how much money he has bet on a game. The player should ask for a comp to the supervisor before playing the game. Sometimes, he may not get what he wished for,  which is why he should seek advice from the casino host about the average bet and duration of the game to determine the comps.

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Post Name : Is reducing the house edge in Blackjack odds possible?

Posted On : 25/11/2020

Author : Cameron Riddell