Turbo Auto Roulette

Turbo Auto Roulette is a special slot game with a roulette themed layout.Here, the players get to spin a ton of numbers and their values and their features with just some simple learning. A roulette usually works with numbers, so the slot is made up of these numbers and their values. The players have to make the combination to win the features. That’s all it needs to make the win. 

About the Game of Turbo Auto Roulette

Turbo Auto Roulette is a classic roulette slot game with a roulette themed interface. There is nothing much to ponder here about the interface per se and spinning it does not need much of a training. Just be yourself and spin the game. That’s all you have to do here. The animations and graphics are there to help you move the reels and make the numeral combinations and there is also a smooth music too to experience the game. So, just start the spins and the reward will come to you. 

Symbols and Icons of Turbo Auto Roulette

The symbols here are numbers and their values. As you would all know, roulettes are made with numbers and winnings are triggered right from these numbers. Therefore, there is nothing much to do here in this interface besides activating these numbers according to the features and bonuses. Right below the spinning module, there is this odd and even tray and some control too. Therefore, the players don’t have to do much when it comes to planning bonus triggers. Just maintain an algorithm in making bonuses and the rest will be done by the game itself. 

Features and Bonuses of Turbo Auto Roulette

Turbo Auto Roulette has a very basic bonus structure called auto spins and turbos. So, instead of free spins and multipliers, Turbo Auto Roulette has come a basic way to stand up for the slot’s identity. Even though these functions are basic, it’s a good old slot for winning. 


For a basic slot, all these things are more than enough. But, if you love roulette spins, Turbo Auto Roulette is the right way to start your day. It’s a game with minimal features and minimal bonuses. It won’t hurt you at all. 

Game Title : Turbo Auto Roulette

Author Name : John Bolger

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Turbo Auto Roulette