Secret of Dead

Secret of Dead is a super slot with super, Egyptian themed labels. There is nothing to confuse here with other Egyptian themed slots. Everything about this game has proven its value. Now, the gamers just have to spin the slot and make some wins using the designated icons and its values. So, get into the rolling arena and spin it off! Secret of Dead is all ready! 

About the Game Play of Secret of Dead

Secret of Dead is an Egyptian styled, 21st century game play with not so Egyptian features. There is zero level of cliche here and spinning the game makes it more prone to bonuses and extras. Therefore, you have to spin it to make a value. The interface is super cool and there won’t be any issue in forming the symbols to mark the win. The main attraction here is the ‘pool of gold’ background and the additional supports attached to it. So, get to know more about these by spinning the game. Roll it now! 

Symbols and Icons of Secret of Dead

The symbolic array here is quite fascinating and spinning them is all easy and perfect. So, let’s start with the basics. The basics are the A to J royals and the numerals like 9 to 10. Then there comes the high symbols like cobras, scarab beetles, pumas and god of fate Shai icon. The God symbol is the one that will make all the extras. So, spinning these symbols is not at all a troubled issue. Just make sure to get the right one and spin it off. 

Features and Bonuses of Secret of Dead

5000x jackpots and Free Spin features are the major bonuses here. Just land the scatters and you will get up to 15 free spins. If you spin it and make the right combination, you will get more free spins with it. So, start spinning the game to win. 


There is nothing like the slot game of Secret of Dead. Everything here is perfect, and the theme is quite fascinating from top to bottom. So, start spinning the game of Secret of Dead and get a lot of bonuses and extras right from the start. 

Game Title : Secret of Dead

Author Name : John Bolger

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Secret of Dead