The Great Albini 2

The magic slot of The Great Albini is back with some hard fire for the season 2. Here also, there is magic, free spins and a lot of deadly tricks. The Great Albini 2 is the new version of the first part and it’s more new and feature-filled than the former. If you can spin this, you can spin any slot game.

About the Slot Game of The Great Albini 2

The Great Albini 2 is the newer version of The Great Albini 1. As the name says, the slot is about magic and magical features. Just like season 1, this new version also has the same amount of bonuses and features. The colors and saturation are pleasant. The animations and overall graphics are unique and better than the former. The entire tone of the game gives a happy yet adrenaline tone to the gamers. So, give the best that you got and start spinning the game till you get tired. 

Symbols and Icons of the Game

The symbols of The Great Albini 2 are encapsulated inside a gold trimmer platform. These are the ones that will knock the bonuses down with the right combination spins. So, let’s have a look at these symbols. The lows are the A to 10 royals, then there are these highs like magic cups, the spinning wheel of death, the money gem icon and the wild icon also. There won’t be any confusion anywhere. Just mark your combinations and the final reward will come right to you. If you can, be at ease and spin the game. This makes a lot of change in the entire mood of the slot. 

Features and Bonuses

Just as the slot game, the features are also quite magical here at The Great Albini 2. You can get up to 50x rewards with a lot of free spins and bonuses and wild triggerings.


You don’t have to nag about the game of The Great Albini 2. This is a completely automatic slot game just for spinning and winning. So, enter the game right now and win from the top to bottom.

Game Title : The Great Albini 2

Author Name : John Bolger

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The Great Albini 2