15 Tridents Swift Hits

Everything happens under water, even the spins. That’s the catch of 15 Tridents Swift Hits. Built with a Greek formula, the game has a lot to offer via spins. The players just have to spin the reels and make some combinations. With this, the win will come your way. So, get ready and start spinning the triumphant slot game of 15 Tridents Swift Hits and collect all the possible rewards. 

About 15 Tridents Swift Hits

All Greek themed slot games will have a high rating. The same can be seen in 15 Tridents Swift Hits. Everything here is made with Greek sentiments, and the narrative is strong and bold. The colors used are more blueish and there are a lot of sparkles when it comes to symbols and spinnings. One can call this a color exploded slot game if they want. Nothing pokes and stabs a hole here. It’s a completely genuine slot game with some of the best slot mechanisms. Know more about this in the coming segments. 

Symbols and Icons of the Slot

The symbols of 15 Tridents Swift Hits are divided into two sections. The lows and the highs. The lows are the A to J royals. The highs are some blue, green and purple siren icons. Then there are these main triggers like the poseidon and amphitrite symbols. Wilds are also there in this section. So, what you gotta do is to just spin the reels till you get a combination win. Main winnings here are default spins and free spins. So, give attention to the spins and tumbles. That’s all you gotta do. 

Features and Extras of 15 Tridents Swift Hits

Free Spins are the main reward functions here. But apart from that, there are a lot of spin related random rewards here. Just spin the game and you will trigger those. They are known as poseidon’s favor, siren’s call etc. Spin the slot to know more about it. 

Conclusion on 15 Tridents Swift Hits

Just observe the slot of 15 Tridents Swift Hits and get started on the spinning. That way, you can win many more rewards than you previously calculated. So, get going and don’t stop till you reach a milestone.

Game Title : 15 Tridents Swift Hits

Author Name : John Bolger

5/5 - (10 votes)
15 Tridents Swift Hits