Rhino Rilla Rex

Rhino Rilla Rex is a jungle themed, rhino and rex centric online slot game. Here, the gamers can see multiple super levels to get their winnings from. They can stroll through these levels and make the rewards theirs. So, make a lot of combinations and win straight from Rhino Rilla Rex and its wild beasts. That’s how you spin and win the game of Rhino Rilla Rex. 

About the Gameplay of Rhino Rilla Rex

Rhino Rilla Rex is a wild beast themed slot with a Rhino and a Rex as commanders. They are the main spinners and takers of the slot game. Rhino Rilla Rex has this beast setup to make everything pure adventurous and fun filled. The animations are super cool and an uber wild setup made with the color of Green can be seen right from the beginning. The sounds and graphics are straight and clear and there is nothing to nag about anything. So, start making your combinations here at Rhino Rilla Rex and win everything from Rhinos to Rex. 

Symbols and Icons of Rhino Rilla Rex

The symbols here at Rhino Rilla Rex are a mixture of rhinos, rex and many other pure spin ones. Nothing here is an unwanted one and spinning the icons of Rhino Rilla Rex is a pure joy. So, let’s get to the symbols. They start with low valued tile symbols with red, blue, green and purple colors. Then comes the high valued beast symbols like dinosaurs, rhinos and gorillas.These are the beast mode triggering ones that will make the game powerful and bonus filled. So, carry on with the spinning. 

Features and Bonuses of Rhino Rilla Rex

Rhino Rilla Rex has these wild features made from the beast symbols. They are the only symbols that can make the features like team up feature, team up bonus feature, and a beast prize mode function. With the fall of these beast symbols on a 3x combo, the winning comes. 

Closing Remarks

Rhino Rilla Rex is all ready and wired up for your gaming. With an embedded mobile spinning option, the game can make a lot of interesting rewards if you spin it right. So, do that and make everything yours.

Game Title : Rhino Rilla Rex

Author Name : John Bolger

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Rhino Rilla Rex