Hand of Anubis

Hand of Anubis is a terrific Egyptian themed slot game with a lot of adventures and pro levels. Here, there are ghosts, beasts and Anubis in terror provoking colors. To experience all this, you have to spin the game. So, if you are into Egyptian adventures, then Hand of Anubis is the game for you. Come inside and get a lot of fun and twists right here at the Hand of Anubis. 

About Hand of Anubis

Hand of Anubis is a super Egyptian slot game with a horror backdrop. The players can see everything in black and stylistically Egyptian. This is what makes the game stand out from the rest. The black color is the central hue and two Anubis Goddesses can be seen on both sides. The animations and graphics are totally in sync with the slot play. So, the players just need to spin the designated reels and collect its winning. That’s how you win the majority of Hand of Anubis. It’s easy, but a bit scary to be true. 

Symbols and Icons of Hand of Anubis

All the symbols of Hand of Anubis are hefty in numbers and can do a lot if you spin the game diplomatically. These include regular playing cards, numerals, main symbols and wild and scatters. The regulars consist of A to J playing card scatters, then comes the main triggers like scarab beetles, the eye of RA symbols, some cobras, some pyramids, ankh crosses in gold and gemstones. The Ankh cross will pay more if you trigger it more. Then there are skull multipliers too. So, before spinning the game, make some note of all these values for a better win. 

Features and Bonuses

Well, it will take a fortune to narrate the number of features of Hand of Anubis. There are cascades, bonuses, free spins, multipliers, underworld triggers and many more. Each of these triggers with the landing of your spins. So, it’s you who makes these rewards. 


Hand of Anubis is a super slot made for those who love unexpected twists and turns. You can get fantasy surprises with this game. So, start spinning Hand of Anubis right away instead of waiting and wasting your precious slot time. 

Game Title : Hand of Anubis

Author Name : John Bolger

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Hand of Anubis