Fiona’s Fortune

There are a lot of levels to cover here at Fiona’s Fortune. That’s why Fiona’s Fortune is known for its large-scale slot moving. It’s a game where there are a lot of things to spin. So, learn all the corners of the slot and start spinning the game of Fiona’s Fortune like you are on a vacation. So, are you ready to spin this Irish cum magical slot game? 

About the Slot of Fiona’s Fortune

Fiona’s Fortune is a greenish slot game with some high-profile symbols and icons. Here, the players can spin from one end to another and still rise to the pinnacle of the game. It’s a harmless game with a lot of interesting functions and features. The colors are perfect and the animations are superb in tones. The complication level is low and there is nothing cliche about the style of the game. So, start spinning the game of Fiona’s Fortune and get all its special rewards one by one. Fiona’s Fortune is ready for you! 

Symbols and Icons of Fiona’s Fortune

Fiona’s Fortune symbols are too special to brief them plainly. They consist of some magical as well as not so magical, playing cards. These can make a ton of rewards if you spin it right. So, these are some low profile playing card symbols, some 9 to 10 numerals, then there are these high symbols like mushrooms, a jar of beer, harp and some usual bonus wheels, wilds and scatters. So, are you ready to spin the game of Fiona’s Fortune? If you are, then start spinning the game right now itself. 

Features and Extras of Fiona’s Fortune

There are not many high features here at Fiona’s Fortune. But the ones here are minimal and they sound good while spinning. In addition to that, they also do well on the scores. So, these are jackpots, bonuses, free spins and even multipliers. So, spend some time here and get them all. 


Fiona’s Fortune is a smart slot made for all. With this one, winning will be quite easy and functional. So, start spinning right from now and collect all the wins one by one. So, get ready and win all of them. 

Game Title : Fiona’s Fortune

Author Name : John Bolger

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Fiona’s Fortune