Magical Reels

Magical Reels is a slot game made for all. Here, the players don’t have to do much and that’s something good about the game. Therefore, Magical Reels won’t squeeze them out and stack them with boredom. Magical Reels also have magical symbols to praise. So, this is a slot where you can get a lot just by simply spinning and tumbling the reels. So, get ready and start spinning this magical wonder.

About the Slot of Magical Reels

Everything here in this slot game is perfect and magical. The levels are smooth as well as bright. The spinning of Magical Reels is happening inside some witch’s house built with wood and other cozy setups. The overall color of the slot is brown as wood and the animations and graphics are super fun to watch and experience. Since the layout tells you everything regarding the game, there is nothing to worry about while spinning the slot. So, are you ready for the game? If you are, come right inside the slot of Magical Reels. 

Symbols and Icons of Magical Reels

There are a lot of superb symbols here at Magical Reels. The only thing is that you have to spin them well to get the reward activation done. That’s all. These will be from lows and highs. The low-profile symbols will be blueberries, shells, some mushroom icons, and a yellow leaf icon. After these lows, there are these high valued symbols like four bottles of blue, purple, red, and orange potions. These will be the witch’s potions for her spells. These potion symbols are the high triggering ones among all. 

Features and Bonuses of Magical Reels

There aren’t any high-five features here at the slot game. But the ones which we have here are of supreme quality. So, those are scatters with multipliers, an award board feature and the very famous free spin bonuses. With these, you can easily win the game of Magical Reels. 


Everything is up and running in this mobile slot of Magical Reels. We just need you to spin it right to make the right reward. With the rewards, you also get some high features too. So, are you ready to spin this magical slot game?

Game Title : Magical Reels

Author Name : John Bolger

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Magical Reels