Blackjack Silver

Blackjack Silver is a live casino game and is an adaption of the traditional live blackjack game. It is a classic Blackjack variant suitable for all types of players from low to high rollers. Blackjack Silver is played with 8 decks, the dealer stands on 17 and the payout ratio is 3:2. The players get to double down their first two cards and split in equal value.

The cards values of this live game are similar to that of the traditional Blackjack game. Aces take the value 11 or 1, the card numbers two to ten take their face values. The kings, queens and jacks take the value 10.

The Blackjack Silver follows the standard rules like the traditional Blackjack game. The aim of the game is to reach a score of 21 or closer to 21. Each player along with the dealer are given two cards and each of them will either Hit, Stand or Split according to their hand.

Betting Options

The players have to pick up the chip values from a given pool of values. The players can select the chip values ranging from a minimum of £50 up to a maximum of £5000. After selecting the chip value, the player can click on the Bet Circle and set their side bets. If the table is full, then, the players can opt for the Bet Behind option which allows the players to bet on another player’s hand. The players can also avail double bets. The double bet feature will enable the players to instantly double their bet values.

In addition to these, in Blackjack Silver also offers the players with traditional betting options like Insurance, Perfect Pair Side Bets, Perfect Pairs and a unique 21+3 Bet.

Gaming Software

Blackjack Silver is developed by Evolution Gaming, which is one of the pioneers in the online gaming industry and is renowned for providing the players with the best table and card games in both live and standard versions.

Blackjack Silver Gaming Experience

By playing Blackjack Silver, you are certain to enjoy the land-based casino feel instantly. This is made possible by the high-speed HD streaming of the games. The gaming action takes place in front of the players in real-time. Apart from these, the quality of the graphics is spectacular thus giving the players a realistic feel of playing in a brick and mortar casino.

To Sum Up

Blackjack Silver provides the players with a vivid live gaming experience. It offers the players with a series of side bets which indeed adds to the action of the game.


Game Title : Blackjack Silver

Author Name : John Bolger

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Blackjack Silver