Blackjack Party

Why partake in standard blackjack when you can relax and take part in an Evolution Gaming blackjack party? This variation of the live dealer game from Evolution Gaming is a great deal of fun and is more than just another Blackjack game. And all it needed to make it more entertaining for everyone was one straightforward tweak.

The Full HD live broadcast is one of Blackjack Party’s best features. It is not a typical live feed because it might easily be mistaken for an online Blackjack game. But the game’s party component sets it apart from the competitors and adds a new element.

Blackjack Party Theme

Real dealers who converse and engage with players during traditional live blackjack games are present. This game is ideal if you are the kind of player who likes to have fun while still winning.

Blackjack Party has 2 dealers in place of only one. The dealers will interact, making jokes and remarks about the current game.

Blackjack Party Mechanics

Blackjack Party is all about using 8 decks of cards, which are always dealt by hand by the dealers.

The second dealer is the sole variation that Blackjack Party provides. The game will be played otherwise exactly similar to any other Blackjack game. In the event that the figures are at your side and you’re handed a 21, you intend to put a wager in an effort to possibly win a sizable payout.

There are a few basic guidelines that must be followed, including the dealer sitting on a 17, the dealer having access to one hole card, and the blackjack payout of 3 to 2.

Betting Stakes Available

Blackjack Party is regarded as a small bet live or online casino game; players who decide to wager behind someone occupying one of the 7 available seats may do so for as little as £0.50 or as much as £100.

Game Payouts

Keep an eye out for the wagers if you want to increase your chances of winning. This decreases the high RTP that Blackjack Party is renowned for, though! Either an Ideal Pair side wager or a 21+3 side wager can be made. These wagers have a 100:1 maximum reward potential, so choose your wagers carefully!


Give Blackjack Party a go if you really want to play something else than the typical live casino table game. You could discover yourself tuning out the chatter and jokes that will proliferate, or you might like them. You have the option in any case!

Game Title : Blackjack Party

Author Name : John Bolger

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Blackjack Party