Reasons why Live dealer roulette is more enjoyable

Reasons why Live dealer roulette is more enjoyable

The Internet is a god-sent, as it allows us to enjoy our favourite casino game from the cosiness of your couch, your fluffy bed, or your recliner, as per your convenience. Even though there are plenty of casino games online available, gamblers love to play roulette.

Regardless of your seating arrangement, live roulette is very similar to the one you play in a brick-and-mortar casino. Let’s start by bursting the misconception around live dealer roulette first.

Myths around live dealer roulette

There is a popular fallacy regarding live dealer roulette that it has no power of recreating the excitement and thrill you get from real roulette games that you engage in a land-based casino. It’s utterly false, and unbelievable. Let me tell you, my friend, don’t fall for such myths as there is no written logic out there in any popular roulette books. 

Live dealer roulette is equally enjoyable as normal roulette; the only visible difference is you are playing from your computer or phone instead of going to a casino.

Don’t let the myths ruin the fun for you, let us help you gain some knowledge regarding the advantages and perks of playing live dealer roulette online instead of heading to a land-based casino by breaking the barriers of your privacy and comfort. Let’s go ahead and start with the benefits one by one. Keep reading!

Social Interactions

We know the thought of playing a casino game such as roulette from your home may sound a little tedious. This may make you envision some lonely and gloomy dude in a mid-life crisis, playing casino games in his pyjamas and jumpers. Let’s leave that thought there, let me tell you, my friend, you got it wrong. 

The story is pretty much different here, playing live dealer roulette is a lot more fun than you envisioned. Sure, we agree online roulette can be lonesome over time, but live dealer roulette is way more different and fun as it offers you constant and live human interactions throughout the gaming session.

The dealers in live dealer roulette will constantly converse with you just as they do while you play in a traditional casino. The online live roulette uses modern technology such as live streaming which will allow you to watch every single action unfolding in the game live on your screen. So, this allows you to have human interactions while playing from the comfort of your home or wherever you want. 


Realism is a crucial factor when it comes to online live dealer roulette. The lack of realism while playing virtual casino games can make you dreary sometimes. But while playing live dealer roulette, you will get an exact feeling as you are playing in a traditional casino. 

The live roulette rules are pretty simple; thus you will feel more engaged in the game. The authenticity you feel while playing the live dealer roulette is the closest experience you will ever get as you play in a land-based casino. So try to have a great gaming experience by playing live dealer roulette.

Game Variety

While playing normal roulette in online casinos and land-based casinos your options may be limited as there will only be American and European roulette available. But if you are willing to play live dealer roulette you will get a chance to explore several variations of roulette which are customised and iconic. The operators and developers of casinos are very concerned about the players’ choices. 

So it made them develop multiple variations of live dealer roulette to keep the players entertained and hooked to their brand. So you can utilise this opportunity as an exclusive privilege to play multiple variations of roulette by choosing the live dealer option. Along with the plenty of game variations available, the players are free to use roulette simulators while playing in UK mobile casinos.

Convenience and Privacy

Live dealer roulette comes onboard with enormous benefits and opportunities compared to other popular gaming methods. One of the key features of the game is your privacy and convenience. 

Compared to physical casinos, live dealer roulette is well known for the privacy of the players. You can play it from the comfort of your home without going to a socially crowded place. 

As mentioned earlier, the live dealer roulette only requires minimum interactions and only with the dealer. This makes the game the only option for players who wish to maintain minimal interactions with fewer social connections. All you need is a computer or mobile with a stable internet connection. You can enjoy all the benefits of normal games such as roulette payouts, but with so much more privacy. 

Minimal Distractions

If you are a person who has ever visited a land-based casino, you must know the crowd and loudness of the place. It can be thrilling and exciting for some people but for others, it’s just annoying. So if you are among the ones who become uncomfortable in a crowded, loud place, live dealer roulette is the best catch for you to enjoy your favourite casino game. You can play peacefully without any distractions from other players.

Yet, you can have live conversations with the dealer just like you do in a traditional casino gaming session. Minimal distractions or no distractions will allow you to concentrate on the game and enjoy the process. If you want to boost the ambience you can put in your favourite music while you are playing which will make you feel like you are in a land-based casino but with zero amount of distractions. You can practice by playing free roulette games available in new UK casinos.


Nowadays the popularity of live dealer roulette keeps rising as people are getting attracted to the inevitable features the game offers. Everyone loves to have a personalized gaming experience such as live dealer roulette in which you will all be yourself at the roulette table with the dealer. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an extrovert or introvert, we recommend you to try live dealer roulette once as it is such an amazing experience. Live dealer roulettes are widely available in all reputable online casinos. You can play it any time from anywhere you want with no distractions at all. And nowadays, lightning roulette is also available for live playing.

Undoubtedly, It will give you an exclusive experience, which you will never get from a regular roulette session in online or physical casinos. We hope we have given you a better clarification on the key perks and benefits of live dealer roulette. Now, it’s your turn to enjoy the game by visiting your favourite online casino. Happy gambling guys!

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Post Name : Reasons why Live dealer roulette is more enjoyable

Posted On : 15/07/2022

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