A List Of Popular Roulette Books That Are A Must-read!

A List Of Popular Roulette Books That Are A Must-read!


There are several books on the subject of roulette strategy and ideas. To be honest, not every book will be worth the paper on which they are printed. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any decent roulette books out there; it just means that you will have to work hard to find the publications that will make you better at the game, help your understanding and love of the game.

Also, there may be a few notable publications out there that record a number of the gaming experiences which took place in real life too. Some of the books may appeal to ardent roulette players since they provide good guidance including how to play the game, describe some of the roulette jargon you may encounter at the roulette table, and walk you through how to use bankroll management strategies. There is something fresh for you to know and understand regardless of your level of expertise.

Although the house edge in roulette is higher than in most other casino games, there’s no rationale why you can’t strive to be a better player nonetheless. If you read these books, you will learn how to extend your money much farther and better when playing, and also how to be far more calm and relish your time behind the roulette wheel. You could even be able to transform a few of such techniques into gold dust if you put in a lot of effort.

The game’s international popularity

In modern times, Roulette has skyrocketed in popularity. The single-zero European roulette version of the game is very popular in Asia, Europe, and Australia whereas players in the United States, the Caribbean and Canada are more likely to encounter the double-zero American roulette version. 

In addition to traditional versions of roulette, which has been upgraded for the digital age, computerised tables are used and online casinos are engaged in virtual versions of roulette. These live dealer roulette games are highly sought after by players all over the world for their convenience factor as well as their likeness to the game at a real casino.

The surge in strategy literature

A flurry of so-called “successful systems” for roulette were produced as the market segment for casino gaming strategy books grew into a large business in the 80s and 90s. Although such books on roulette always offer a method to sequence your roulette bets, identify trends in previous numbers, or maybe even profit from malfunctioning wheels that fall on particular numbers more frequently, the reality remains that each rotation of the roulette wheel is a completely random event.

The majority of roulette books promise to include a “hidden technique” that turns the house edge on its head, providing players with a “sure shot” means to win consistently. The only proven method to benefit from online roulette is to publish a book on a “failsafe” technique and market it to simpletons, according to an unnamed expert.

Please have a look at the list of popular roulette books below, with additional background details about the writer and an analysis of the book’s content:

Christopher Pawlicki (2001) – Get the Edge at Roulette

Christopher Pawlicki (2001) - Get the Edge at Roulette

Christopher Pawlicki went from an engineering degree to emerge one of the foremost specialists in using physical modification to defeat casino games. He was a team player who also showed creative and entrepreneurial skill throughout the 90s, developing the “Perfect Pitch Delivery” and the PARR Dice Control courses.
Pawlicki, who works closely alongside Frank Scoblete as well as goes by the moniker “Sharpshooter,” has contributed dozens of write-ups to the former’s site, the majority of which address his favourite game of craps, but he also publishes about roulette technique.
This book is based on the idea of predicting where the ball will land. According to Pawlicki, dealers can determine where the ball will ultimately rest merely by the way they spin. As a roulette dealer for several decades, Pawlicki claims there is a distinctive “dealer signature” to every particular dealer, as well as little motions and muscle memory, which causes the ball to land on specific regions of the wheel with greater frequency than randomness would indicate.

Pawlicki’s approach is based on taking advantage of this signature. He also delves into ideas like biased wheel action and ball tracing, but it’s apparent that the writer honestly believes in the efficacy of dealer signature based on his firsthand observations both as a croupier and a pro player.

Norman Leigh – Thirteen Against the Bank: The True Story of How a Roulette Team Broke The Bank


Norman Leigh’s “Thirteen Against The Bank” is an interesting read. But nevertheless, before you become enthusiastic about defeating roulette, spend some time strolling through a casino and taking in the atmosphere. Next, read Norman Leigh’s really interesting portrayal of gamblers, where you’ll find out how much the pros earn. You will not wish to invest your cash on the faulty mechanism employed by the book’s ‘winners,’ but as a method of portraying the player’s psyche, it’s a fantastic narrative that will have you yearning for a career behind the wheel. In order to assist you avoid making a financial mistake, we propose that you have a look at Thirteen Against the Bank before you invest your time on a publication that won’t benefit you!

Norman Leigh – Thirteen Against the Bank_ The True Story of How a Roulette Team Broke The Bank

Norman Squire – How to Win at Roulette


Norman Squire – How to Win at Roulette

After taking in the environment, the notion of gambling systems is likely to pique your interest. A crucial work for anyone interested in introducing progressive betting methods to a new generation of roulette players, this 1968 publication is difficult to locate. It would be an excellent acquisition as a more complex start to the gameplay. It begins by explaining the various table kinds (American, European, and so forth) before going into the fundamentals of Labouchere, Martingale, Paroli, Alembert, and other betting methods. These advanced methods will not make you a successful roulette player in the long run, but researching them will educate you a lot about the game’s fundamentals. Plus Squire is one of the greatest teachers on the planet.

John Patrick – Money Management for Gamblers: How to Maximize your Gambling Profits


You will need a firm tone when it comes to money management in roulette — greater than most other casino games, managing control of your budget is the fundamental to long enjoyment in roulette. Although gambling does not have something as authoritarian as Mark Douglas’ ‘Trading In The Zone,’ a staple of finance sector traders, John Patrick’s commendable work is a decent replacement. It shows you how to split your pot properly as well as how to stay calm whenever the figures aren’t flowing in. The book covers a variety of casino games, but most of the information can be adapted to roulette. The beginning and end portions alone are well worth the money. Assuming, of course, that you can evaluate the importance of protecting your bankroll.

John Patrick – Money Management for Gamblers_ How to Maximize your Gambling Profits

Catalin Barboianu – Roulette Odds and Profits: The Mathematics of Complex Bets

Catalin Barboianu – Roulette Odds and Profits_ The Mathematics of Complex Bets

When you have gotten tired with progressive gambling strategies, you might want to invest more energy learning about the roulette table’s exact mechanics and probability. Barboianu, a Romanian mathematician with a shaky command of English language strives to make this a clear and informative tutorial to the complex realm of betting calculations. He describes what you are searching for plus why you are searching for it, rather than just giving you a few easy formulae. Certainly, it’s one of the greatest presentations to gambling probability we have come across.

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