When to Double Down Online Blackjack? When to Double Down Online Blackjack?

When to Double Down Online Blackjack?

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The bet, in the online Blackjack game, is placed before the playing cards are distributed to the players i.e. at the beginning of the round. Usually, players do not place any bet other than the initial bet. However, this strategy isn’t the same when the player decides to double down. The players can ask for doubling their bet in return for an extra card i.e. the third card. If the player loses, he will pay twice his initial bet amount. This strategy is preferred by the advantage players who want to get an edge over their dealer. While the dealers call it “reaching deep”, the players know it as “Double down”. Doubling down is the best and easiest way to earn as much as twice the profit. So, the question is when exactly should the players use the double down technique in online Blackjack? Let’s have a quick look at the details of this exclusive Blackjack strategy.

Double Down allows extra bets to the players in return for an additional card. As soon as you get the third card, your hand gets completed and then you have to wait for the house to show his hand. It is worth to note that ‘determining the rules of the game before getting started with it’ is an essential step. This is because depending on the online Blackjack variant, the rules may differ. While some variants may allow the players to double down on almost any cards, others may only let users double down when they have a total of 9, 10, or 11. Let’s learn more about double down strategy.

How Can the Players Use Double Down Strategy in Online Blackjack?

As mentioned above, you must know when you can double down in this game. When the Blackjack game begins, the dealer gets one card while the player gets two. If the dealer has a card of value ‘5’ and you have a ‘9’ card, you only need a 10 value card to win the round. So, this is the perfect time to double down and get an opportunity of placing an extra bet. Doubling is the most beneficial technique for players who get a total of 10 or 11 in their first hand. This is because a deck features approximately 16 different 10 value cards, increasing the chances of the players to land a 10 card and win the hand.

Note that the chance of landing a 10 value card is higher when you are playing at the table that features multiple decks, approximately 4-5. If you are a beginner and unfamiliar with the double down strategy, print the double down chart. This way, you can know when the double down strategy can benefit you the most.

Pros and Cons of Double Down Strategy in Online Blackjack

The double down strategy is nothing but a popular online Blackjack technique in which the players get an opportunity to place an additional bet. This bet is placed when you already have high chances of winning the hand. Make sure that if you somehow lose the game to the dealer, you may end up paying double the amount of your bet. Therefore, you are risking more by using this strategy.

What else? The players can even use this strategy on split cards (but that’s only possible in certain online Blackjack variants). For example: if you have two cards of value ‘10’ while the dealer has 4, 5, or 6, you can split the cards and place an extra bet on both 10. In short, you can double down two cards by splitting them. But in that case, you will need 21 on both hands.

Coming to the drawbacks, double down strategy in online blackjack is associated with significant risk. No doubt, the accurate information from the cheat sheet and double down chart helps you know the right time for placing an additional bet. But you cannot neglect the fact that the house knows about this strategy too. And he probably has more information than the players. So, the dealer mostly has an edge over the player.

When to Double Down Online Blackjack?
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Posted On : 09/08/2019

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