How to Invest in Sports Betting

How to Invest in Sports Betting

Sports betting is gaining more and more popularity in recent times. It not just meets the entertainment requirements of the players but also gives them an opportunity to make more money. However, if you are new to betting, then you must be wondering how to invest in online sports betting. Well, in that case, do not worry, you are at the right place! In this blog, you will gain insights into the right way of sports gambling.

When it comes to sports betting, there are plenty of ways in which you can make your investment. Some of the best ways are buying shares and stocks from sportsbooks, investing in ETFs, gaming, and more. Let’s take a look at the most popular ways in detail!

• Sportsbook Companies/ Apps

If you are serious about sports betting, the very first way of investing in it is the sportsbook companies. It is a very common option to invest in companies that are closely or directly associated with sports betting. It can be the companies that are running the sports betting apps and providing the players with a platform to bet.

When it comes to sportsbook companies, the top players in the that you can opt for investment are DraftKings (DKNG), Rush Street Interactive (RSI), and Flutter (PDYPY). DraftKings is one of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world of sports betting. It can be a great investment option for you as it is getting bigger and bigger with the passing years. In the year 2021, it had even partnered with National Football League. The company is focusing on rapid expansion.

Next, you can also consider investing in Rush Street Interactive. While it is a smaller and newer company, its main focus is on sporting events and online games. You can also invest in Flutter. In addition to these companies, you can find other prominent players in the industry and make lucrative investments.

• Gaming ETFs

Are you in search of some broad exposure in the sports gambling market? If yes, the gaming ETFs can be your best bet. For people looking to bet on the overall growth of the section, gaming ETFs are the best option. In this, you do not have to pick a winner. Moreover, you can even play the reopening trade as people go to the casino more.

If you are thinking of investing in ETFs, here are the two best funds that you can select.

VanEck Vectors Gaming ETF –

This fund has a broader sample of popular betting companies. It consists of a number of popular traditional casino operators as well as sports betting companies. The expense ratio of this fund is about 0.65 percent.

Roundhill Sports Betting and iGaming ETF –

This is another popular fund that you can choose to bet on. It is a relatively newer fund. It focuses on online gaming and sports betting. If you are looking for pure play in the sector, this can be the right option for you. The expense ratio of this fund is 0.75 percent.

• Gaming Companies

Gaming companies are yet another way you can invest in Esports betting. You can consider investing in the large gaming companies that are popularly known as casinos. A number of casinos run online sportsbooks as well as sportsbooks. However, you can also get the option to invest in hotel operations and gambling.

Some of the top gaming companies that you must opt for are:

Las Vegas Sands (LVS)

– It is a popular company that runs a number of casino companies such as the Venetian Macao and the Marina Bay Sands. Recently, it is starting to embrace sports and online gambling.

Penn National Gaming (PENN)

– In the smaller markets, PENN is well-known for its non-Vegas properties. However, PENN has currently moved into the online sports betting market. In the year 2020, it acquired 36 percent interest in Barstool Sports. It is growing at a rapid pace in the sports betting market.

Caesars Entertainment (CZR)

– This is another popular gaming company that you can invest in. The company operates its property on the Las Vegas Strip and many more other properties.

MGM Resorts International (MGM)

– MGM Resorts International operates its casino on Las Vegas Strip and the Mirage. Through the BetMGM site, it operates its sports betting as well as online gambling.

• Tech Providers

The tech providers can also be your investment option in the world of sports betting. Apart from directly investing in the gaming companies, you can invest in the technology companies behind the games. When it comes to the tech providers, the two popular names are Kambi Group and GAN.

Kambi Group is a company that offers sports betting technology to traditional as well as online casinos. GAN is another company that offers a wide range of gaming software to different companies in the industry. This company supports virtual simulated gaming, online gambling, as well as sports betting.

• Racetracks

Racetracks are yet another popular option for investment in sports betting. Especially if you are interested in horse racing, you can invest in the racetracks while enjoying the race. Churchill Downs is a popular option when it comes to racetracks. This racetrack is mainly associated with Kentucky Derby. However, apart from this annual race, there are various other important events held on the racetrack that are eligible for Esports awards.


There is nothing hidden about sports betting popularity. The craze for sports betting is increasing more and more among people around the world. Therefore, it is considered as one of the best options for making investments and earning handsome amounts. While there are certain risks like regulations and taxes, the returns are quite appealing. Make sure to be well aware of the potential risks. This will ensure that you make safe investments and earn more money. Now that you know the best ways to invest in sports betting, it is time to get started.

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