Things To Keep In Mind When Betting On Sporting Events

Things To Keep In Mind When Betting On Sporting Events

When it comes to betting on sporting events, most venues offer teams equal chances of winning. However, home-field advantage plays a crucial deciding factor. The games are played within a time frame of two weeks, so you can face the possibility of rust. It is played within a neutral setting, so it should balance the point spread in favour or against the teams.

In this article, we will learn about five important factors that you need to keep in mind when it comes to betting on sporting events.

1. Home-Field Advantage Plays an Important Role

The home-field advantage exists in sporting events.

It’s better to bet on neutral pit sites. For example, when the Pittsburgh Steelers competed against the Carolina Panthers at the Superbowl in Minneapolis, the former clearly enjoyed the home advantage over the other. Another example would be when the Arizona Cardinals competed against Buffalo Bills in Los Angeles, the former will also enjoy a great home advantage. It will still have that advantage if it played on the East Coast.

Therefore, when games are held on neutral sites, you should strike a balance between two teams. The only exception to this is if you play the game behind closed doors or with specific fans. Or if both the teams have a passionate and super-active fan base.

For example, if the two teams are from the opposite ends of the US playing at the prestigious Super Bowl, there will be a huge and significant difference between the fan turnouts.

That being said, before placing the bet, study the behaviour of the fandom of both teams. There are times when you can expect an equal rate of fan turnout. If there is a successful team with an active fanbase playing against a less successful one, the chances of the former selling out the venue are higher.

2. Do Not Fret Your Heads Over Jet Lag Concern

You should not be concerned about jet lag when the games are held at a neutral site. The only exception is when the venue of the neutral site is shifted without any prior information. This happens in situations of emergency or unprecedented events.

Usually, for games like the Super Bowl, College World Series, jet lags do not have any major impact whatsoever. 

As long as the games are played in a specific place, there will not be much change or shifting happening between the two important time zones. 

Since in most of these popular games, teams arrive one week before the game, they get ample time to rest. So, the chances of them having jet lag are very less.

 3. Weather will make or break the games

While it does not sound fair, there is little we can do about it.
There are neutral sites that do not have retractable roofs.
There are teams that play in cold weather and warm weather. Super Bowls are mostly played in warm weather. If by any chance they are played during a cold climate, the stadiums have the roof closed.
Other climatic conditions like rain, snow, winds, etc. can also influence the game.
Therefore, always check the weather conditions before placing a bet. You can always watch the weather news report or check online for its status. Note that under exceptional circumstances, the less successful team can win under erratic and harsh weather conditions and the best teams can falter.

 4. The players will experience Rust

Since the games are held within two weeks at neutral sites, the best teams will face rust. Even after long hours of practice.

In college football, this can last for months. This usually happens when the team plays for the national title.

It tends to span over months which can negatively influence the game. Just look through some of the best teams having rust and the scores they have achieved. You will get a hang of it.

While it is said that the rust slowly gets over during the course of the game, betting on over the props in the half is still not considered to be a good decision. The same holds true for college football bowl games as well.

The exception to this rule is if you face a bubble situation like the ones that happen in the NBA. You can apply the same technique you have applied in the Super Bowl or college football bowl games. The rust will set very early and then balance out in the later stage of the game. And simultaneously influence the player prop bets.

5. Be prepared for Over/Unders Early and Normal Point Spreads

Book Markers tend to place alternative game spreads when the games lack the possibility of home-field advantage and other factors like rust. Never opt for spreads as in the later stage, things balance out.
Perhaps the only situation where potential spreads make sense when the game goes through a rusty period in the first two quarters. The way to go about this is you simply place bets like the way you do for other matches during the regular and postseason periods. No need to make any new changes.
By the quarter when you decide to bet on over/under or point spreads, you should look at the previous Super Bowl and college bowl matches to dissect a particular pattern of gameplay.
Taking the example of the recent Super Bowl game, at least one team got lost in the first quarter of the Super Bowl and finished with a 0-0 deadlock.
When at a Super Bowl game, one team gets offence in the second half of the game, the other team secures a chunk of their offensive points during the second half.

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Posted On : 14/04/2021

Author : Cameron Riddell