The Game of Baccarat - Historical Overview The Game of Baccarat - Historical Overview

The Game of Baccarat – Historical Overview

Baccarat is a game that was invented by an ardent Italian gambler called Felix Falguiere back in the 1400s and is therefore assumed to be one of the oldest casino games. This name Baccarat is also of Italian origin which means zero when translated to English. Therefore, in the game of Baccarat, all queens, jacks, tens and kings have zero or no value. This theory is also supported well by any hand that equals zero. A perfect example to support that is the total of a hand of seven and three which makes zero (baccarat). Some also argue that the origin of baccarat could be France as the name there also means zero.

The Game of Baccarat - Historical Overview

The Game of Baccarat is widespread

The game of baccarat started gaining popularity five centuries later after its invention. During the 1900s, this game had become a common sport in the European continent. Within no time, the game of baccarat has also gained roots in the French capital. This was interesting because initially, King Louis XIV, a powerful French ruler had banned all manner of gambling during his rule. This rule however worked against him as this game mushroomed and spread like a wildfire, through a version called Chemmy. Baccarat also gained popularity among high rollers, who opt for the big table baccarat versions because of their rather high table limits. This French variation of Baccarat also became famous in the European continent. This game also gained popularity in other places such as the UK and the US.

Baccarat in Brick and Mortar casinos

Tommy Renzoni is the person responsible for introducing a combination of the Chemmy and European baccarat versions to the United States, and making a few changes to the rules of the game. Nonetheless, this game of baccarat attracted both the high rollers and players from different social classes. Baccarat has spread to the extent that it is now available all over the globe in mortar and brick casinos. Prior to changing the rules, three dealers had to be involved and players were to play the role of a banker in turns. Things however changed as the popularity of the baccarat game grew. The stakes which were initially high and for the wealthy players were replaced with roulette versions and well – known black-jack. The need to have three dealers in the game was also nullified. One dealer could now control the entire game as stakes were stakes.

Variants of Baccarat

As Baccarat gained importance and increasingly played in many nations, it acquired various versions. Besides the Chemin de Fer version recently mentioned, the other major versions are; the Punto Banco, Baccarat Banquet, and the Mini Baccarat. The rule governing all these versions is the same. The main difference though is the way of dealing cards

  • Punto Banco: this version of the baccarat game together with the Mini Baccarat is mainly common in the United States, where players bet on one out of three possible outcomes. Some sources also claim that this version is also popular in the UK.
  • Baccarat Banquet: this is the variation of the game of baccarat that is predominant in the European continent, where casinos act as bankers. Bankers enable a player to make more bets. This variation also permits the continuation of the game even when there is only one player on the table, unlike the Chemmy version where there has to have at least two players.
  • Mini Baccarat: this baccarat version is highly appealing and attracts many players because it has reasonably simplified table limits, unlike the big table Baccarat versions whose table limits are pretty high.

There is also an online Mini baccarat version which follows American rules. The general rule is that there is an equal chance for all participants to win. This is made possible by the random number generator which enhances a fair play of the game of baccarat. You can also monitor how the game unfolds in some casinos which offer real dealer baccarat variations.

All about Random Number Generator

Online Baccarat at TheOnlineCasino™

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The Game of Baccarat – Historical Overview
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