All about Random Number Generator

All about Random Number Generator

The casino slots need no introduction. It’s one of the most popular casino games which is extremely famous in land-based casinos as well as on online casinos. Why shouldn’t it be? It is simple to understand, easy to play and gives ample chances to yield massive wins in the end.

These slots are completely based on chance. However, players still get all superstitious and do strange things like kissing their hands before spinning the reels, keep their so-called lucky objects close while playing the game and what not. But this is considered a game of chance because the numbers generated at every spin are completely random and is done by the pre-written programmes known as Random Number Generator or RNG. Know all about this pre-programmed Random Number Generator that makes the online casino games fair to play.

All about Random Number Generator

How does Random Number Generator create outcomes on online slots games?

It’s not just the slot games that use the Random Number Generator to create outcomes. But many online casino games are work on this principle itself. So what exactly is a Random Number Generator?

Well, a microprocessor whose primary purpose is to choose numbers from a particular range in online casino games is known as Random Number Generator. This range varies from zero and goes up as high as several billion. Applying a pre-determined formula, random numbers of long sequences are generated up to hundreds of thousand times per second by the programme. These long sequences of random numbers generated correlate to the slots’ reels as they come to stop.

Also, these RNGs are programmed to produce up to four billion numbers for each spin in the slots game. The outcome of the reels after every spin is decided by these numbers. A number known as ‘Seed number’ is considered as a starting number in RNG. The pre-written algorithm in the programme uses this seed number of RNG and produces more new and random numbers. These new number again serve as a seed to generate yet other new random numbers. This process keeps repeating infinitely.

This clearly shows there is no way of predicting the next number that will be generated and hence they are known as random numbers. These random numbers are huge in size so much so that the digits in these numbers often exceed 200,000.

When the player places the bet and clicks on ‘spin’ button, this is the exact millisecond when the outcome of the spin is realized by the Random Number Generator. Most people think that the number is being generated while the reels are still spinning but the outcome is decided the moment the player hits the ‘spin’ button.

Another interesting thing about this Random Number Generator is that it is never at rest. It is continuously generating long sequences of random numbers without any break even when no one is playing the game. This is because the game is played internally in the machine and RNG is programmed to generate these random numbers regardless of the ‘spin’ button click. In case if a player pauses just for few seconds to think, the RNG machine is still at work and will have already produced thousands of combinations of wins and losses.

To sum up, it is satisfying to know that the outcomes on the reels of slots game are random which are created by a pre-programmed machine. This has got nothing to do with superstitious beliefs of the people. Also, there is no chance of the online casino owners cheating their players to acquire money or even favouring some players to help them win jackpots. The RNG also is not bothered by the amount of bet waged by the player. It is completely independent and works to give players a fair play.

How is the Random Number Generator related to Payout Percentages?

It is common for online slots players to encounter Return to Player Percentages or RTP. Theoretically, Return to player percentages means for all the money waged by the player they get paid a percentage of it over the time. Also, the terms house edge and RTP are often used in these instances.

Take, for example, an online casino is maintaining 96.60% of RTP on slots game. Now, this would explain that for every £100 a player wages on this game, he/she can expect to get a return of £96.60 of winnings. The remaining £3.40 is the casinos’ percentage amount that they will keep. This is known as the house edge and in this case, it’s 3.40%. Also, this exact theoretically values are achieved over an extended duration of time with thousands of spins in the game.

Many online casinos in the UK differ the return to player percentages for the different slots game within their casino itself. These different percentages are not just limited to the single casino but also vary from casino to casino.

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