List of 5 famous people who are Pro sports Bettors

List of 5 famous people who are Pro sports Bettors

Betting on sporting events is evergreen entertainment for people from all walks of life. Without mattering, their occupation, nationality, class, or race people tend to participate in sports betting. The only difference is the sum they put for the purpose. The popularity of sports betting was always growing as a result it attracted more and more bettors each day. Before the entry of online casinos, online sports betting was not available due to the lack of technological development but still, people used to go to the live match for live basketball betting and to bet on football, etc. Moreover, people depended on live sports betting which was the only available option in the olden days.

When you put a few bucks for sports betting the person next door may be putting a million, who knows!  Similarly, there are internationally acclaimed celebrities who got a thing for sports betting. 

If you are interested to know more about celebrity gamblers who enjoy sports betting now and then which includes popular Hollywood actors and globally acclaimed sports figures. For them, gambling or sports betting is more of a thrill than a matter of money. They place high stakes to make their betting process exciting. While the rest of us depend on the rewards of sports betting more than the excitement and thrill it offers. Let’s go ahead and explore the list of celebrity sports bettors who by the way are very successful in gambling.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a well-known name in global boxing as he was a holder of the world boxing championship more than once. He is also recognized by boxing admirers as ‘money’ which is one of his nicknames. Besides being a world boxing champion, this American-born boxer is known for his luck outside the ring too. Yes, we mean gambling, he is no stranger to winning inside and outside.

This makes him at the top of the list of pro sports bettors. He is a seasoned sports bettor who will bet for huge sum and also win often effortlessly. If you are looking for a celebrity motivation for sports betting, Mayweather is the best option available. As he is a master in the ring and also outside. Who is more perfect to inspire you than him, a sport-related world champion and an accomplished sports gambler.

Once he won a $50,000 bet which is a record amount he has won in a single bet. He is not a person of bragger but still, he loves to update his admirers about his seven-figure winnings and betting news. Fans of Floyd are more than happy to see him flourish in esports gambling.

50 Cent

Here comes next the famous American rapper ‘50 cent’ who is also well-known for his sports betting habit. 50 cent also loves to brag about his gambling updates and winning details to his fans. Who knows maybe he is trying to motivate his fans to experience the thrill and excitement he enjoys from engaging in sports betting. As per reports, the 46-year-old rapper is very much affectionate towards sports gambling and has no plans of ending it any time soon. 

Instead, he is planning to spread it a little bit. Just like his rap songs his sports betting has also gained a lot of admirers. Whenever the rapper shares a sport betting information on his social media handle, it starts trending! His most famous record winning which stunned his fans is $500k and whenever the media or someone asks about the strategies behind his sports betting, he says that he follows the voices inside his head ! Pretty great right?

Michael Jordan

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest sports stars of all time, Michael Jordan, the vigorous NBA player is also a great fan of sports betting. He used to place bets during his playing days and continues it even after his retirement. 

Unlike the two stars on our list, the 59-year-old ex-NBA player Jordan doesn’t like to brag about anything about his habits and personal life. So, his followers are very eager to see a tiny bit of news about his gambling activities which can be only found in magazines and print media’s gossip columns. 

Once in an interview, the Chicago Bulls star admitted about him losing millions on sports betting apart from his huge winnings.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie sheen is not only a shining example of a fine actor but the man is also made of wealth.

There is an alleged talk that Mr. Sheen was receiving $1.8 million per episode of his sitcom “ Two and Half a Men”. 

The actor had a great passion for sports and as per reports, he was more attached to sports betting and he spent most of the millions of his remuneration on sports betting. His ex-wife publicly said that Sheen has a gambling addiction. Later Sheen showed his admiration for gambling and sports betting by partnering up with an online sports betting website. However he later parted ways with them.

Paul Hornung

In his green days, Paul was known as “ The Golden Boy” of the American football team. He also was a member of the Green Bay Packer team that won the national championship four times including the first-ever super bowl trophy. Despite his fame and career, Hornung grew a passion for sports betting and regularly engaged in betting. And he got suspended for an entire season for nurturing his betting habit even though it was a big no from the league.

During his time there was no social media to brag about betting, still, his fans later claimed they found inspiration and flame from Hornung’s sports betting career.


We get your need for inspiration to engage in a sports betting venture. It is good to look for inspiration from famous people but also keep in mind the differences between you and them. They have huge assets and money so a little bit of gambling and losing will not hit them but before you engage in such a process it’s always good to know your wealth and financial stability. 

However, we can say sports betting is fun and thrilling and everyone loves to play them at least once in a life.  And you should be aware that sports betting comes with its own risk. It involves the risk associated with your money. So, you should choose wisely and before engaging in sports betting, understanding the sports will help you to make more wise decisions.

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Post Name : List of 5 famous people who are Pro sports Bettors

Posted On : 01/07/2022

Author : Thomas Robinson