Play the best RTP slots at The Online Casino today! Play the best RTP slots at The Online Casino today!

Play the best RTP slots at The Online Casino today!

For the players who have been playing online slot games for a very long time or have been observing the gameplay of online slots, they may have come across a term called the RTP. The RTP plays an important role in the slot games. The player needs to know the best RTP slots available, get familiar with the concepts and how this feature can influence their betting and decision-making skills. 

Play the best RTP slots at The Online Casino today!

What is RTP?

The full form of RTP is Return to Player as it provides information about the amount a slot pays back to the player after a designated number of spins. The amount is usually expressed in percentage. For eg, if the slot machine has an RTP of 97%, the player will get £97 for every £100. It explains the amount of money a player is expected to lose after playing a specific slot game. The number is generated based on the number of spins. The unpredictability of the game adds to the thrill of the game. Anything extraordinary can happen between a session of a few hundred or thousands spins. 

Layout and structure

The biggest challenge is setting up RTP for a slot machine as it is a complicated process and the more complicated the game is, the more challenging it gets. The game developers have to really rack their hands over adding features and paylines. The maths behind the slot machines is complicated. The slot machines are expected to return the same percentage the player has inserted into the machines. They should be designed and programmed to serve this purpose. The arrangement of RTP can differ but the functioning should remain the same. For eg, if the slot provides an RTP of 98%, the player is entitled to get 98% of the money back.

Difference between variance and RTP

The players seem to harbour confusion between variance and RTP. Even though they sound similar, they represent two different concepts. Variance influences the way RTP will be defined. If there is low variance, the player will have smaller hits and he can play as many spins as he wants. Higher variance results in higher RTP that are found in the bonuses and provides the players with huge hits. However, it is necessary to know that not all high RTP’s will be suitable for bankroll management. But games with high RTP are preferred by the players than games with low RTP.

Play the best RTP slots at The Online Casino today!

Online slots vs Traditional slots

With the advent of mobile phones and friendly internet connections, people have switched from offline casinos to online casinos as people have come to realize the benefits and advantages of online casinos. Online slot games have proved to be much better than traditional slot machine games. The online slots consist of higher RTP. Traditional slot machines provide RTP somewhere in the range of 70% to 90% but online slot games provide an RTP of up to 96%. It is said that slot machines that provide RTP less than 94% are not feasible and viable. Video slots also generate a high RTP. The reason why traditional slot machines cannot provide such a high RTP is that traditional machines are obliged to make money from the machines fixed on the floors as a means to keep with the expenses and generate revenues. With regards to online machines, they can contain hundreds and thousands of slot machines as players can access them at any point in time from anywhere. Which is why they can deliver such high RTP.

Myths vs facts about RTP

There are some myths surrounding the RTP over the years. It is important to bust these myths and provide a clearer picture of what RTP is and how it actually functions. 

Many players believe that online casinos can manipulate the RTP. In fact, online slots cannot control or influence the way the RTP performs. The slots borrow these machines from game developers and since these games are discreetly stored in their gaming software, online gambling operators do not have access to the operations and functioning of the RTP. Even though some gaming developers provide variations in RTP, online casinos cannot change or influence anything at their discretion. Another confusion that needs to be addressed is the relevance of RTP for a single session. 

It is always said that a slot with an RTP of 96% will perform better than an RTP of say 85%. The players have high winning chances with slot machines having a higher RTP. Progressive jackpots hold the power to influence the RTP of an online slot machine. There are slots with progressive jackpots that claim they can provide 94% of the RTP. A small percentage of RTP can be met by progressive jackpots. If the player claims a jackpot, the person will be playing for a relatively lower RTP. 

Types of RTP slots

There is a list of good and highly-rated RTP slots the players can visit to claim jackpots or win a huge cash prize. 

Starburst– 96.1% RTP

The Starburst is one of the popular video slot games that have 5 reels and 10 paylines. The backdrop is set against outer space and has star-studded gems as its symbols. The high-quality graphics and very mesmerising soundtrack are one of the engaging features of the game. The player can play for free spins or for real cash.

Blood suckers–98% RTP

One of the newest additions to slot games, this game has 5 reels and 25 paylines. This game has very attractive welcome bonuses with low betting terms. If the player is looking for some horror and entertainment, then this game is for him.

Fear the zombies- 96.3%

This game is for those who are a big fan of the zombie and ghoul genre. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The 3D display feature of the game is very engaging and is one of the best highlights of the game.

Play the best RTP slots at The Online Casino today!
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