How Do Online Slot Reels Work? How Do Online Slot Reels Work?

How Do Online Slot Reels Work?

Slot games have been one of the game changers when it comes to the casino and online gaming. The online slots have improved in terms of graphics, visionary and the number of reels on them. From the 3 reels pattern to the 5 reels, symbol-drop etc. there has been a big change in the online slot games that are offered by best online casinos in the UK today.

There definitely goes a lot of technical strategy and mathematics into the development of winning combinations, slot routines and betting system. Here is an unravelling of how online slot reels actually work.

How Do Online Slot Reels Work?

The classic 3-reel online slots

The classic and the most simplistic slot reel system has been that of 3-reels slot. Feels much like old-school but it has been one of the most exciting ones in the casinos in the past. The 3-reel slots do exist even today to give one a nostalgic and connected feel. For all online slots, there are virtual machines working to determine the number of wins, combinations and possibilities.
With the 3-reels slot, there are 27 combinations to look for. A double diamond can make you win as much as 2500 coins at a go.

Simple 5-reel slot

One of the standards in casino slots available today – the 5-reels slot have been trending in both land casinos and online slot games. With modern day graphics, music and themed slot games the 5-reels have been the perfect combination for a majority of the games.
The 5-reels slots majorly have a progressive winning slot which is attained as the player advances with his number of spins. The slots are kept attractive with 3D and 2D symbols, Mega tiles, bonus features etc to make the game interesting.

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Cascading effect reels

Instead of reels spinning, the new graphics include designing them as cascading or symbol drops. These exits for both 3-reels and 5-reels slot type. When the winning combinations from the screen have been selected the remaining symbols drop down to disappear. The new slot starts with the spin undertaken by the player where the symbols again appear on the screen.

Shifting symbol reels

Shifting reels work much like the wild symbol in the new 5-reels slot game. Here the symbols keep interchanging and shifting when the spin is in motion. As the reels stop the symbols get scattered at their places and fill up the reels. The winning combinations are paid out and with a spin again the shifting begins.

Colossal effect reels

Colossal reels are popular in land casinos and only some games on online slots have this feature. There is a main video slot where the reels have a combination of 5×3 and there is secondary colossal reel which goes up to 5×12 combinations. The paylines here are more than 100 making the winning combinations a bigger one for players.

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How Do Online Slot Reels Work?
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