Voodoo Gold

About Voodoo Gold slots 

The horror-based slot game, Voodoo Gold Slots, developed by Elk Studios, is back. After landing in trouble twice before, Kane is now ready to embark on a new adventure. For Kane, the central character, this is the third instalment where he will be seen travelling to the Southern part of America, specifically Louisiana. Here we are going to explore the swamps and the region’s speciality horror, which is voodoo. This is what Voodoo Gold is based on! 

On the outside, the game looks very much in tune with the voodoo theme. Basically, the background itself is scary and at the same time attention-grabbing. Basically, the swampy grounds with spooky trees flanking the board and a single scary house in the background are bone-chilling. And somehow the happy guitar tune in the background makes the whole scene and the setup a lot more impressive. 

The unique aspects of the game 

With Voodoo Gold, the board where we get the winning combinations isn’t as simple as it looks. Basically, players start with 6 reels and 4 rows board with cascading symbols. This means if we manage to land winning combinations, the combinations disappear and are replaced by symbols falling from the top. And with every winning combination, an extra row is added until the players can unlock all the 8 rows or until no more winning combinations are realized. This feature is known as the avalanche and can help players improve their winnings. 

Another aspect of Voodoo Gold that is quite different from standard video slots games is the big symbols. Sometimes the normal symbols can come in super, mega and epic sizes which occupy 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 blocks and will activate once they manage to reach the bottom. Any empty spaces below the big symbols are automatically turned into wilds.

Bonus features

The bomb feature and free drops make Voodoo Gold more exciting for the players. The bomb feature is triggered through 1 and 2 bonus symbols; a single bomb explodes the symbols around it while the dual bomb feature explodes all the symbols in the line between them along with all the symbols of a type randomly selected. 

3 or more bonus symbols can activate the free drop feature; free drops can be retriggered if players managed to land more bonus symbols during free drops. 


The creepy looking visuals and symbols, along with the special features like cascading symbols and mega block and finally the special bonus features make this slots game highly engaging and exciting. 

Game Title : Voodoo Gold

Author Name : John Bolger

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Voodoo Gold