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Volcano Eruption Scratch

The Volcano Eruption Scratch has an island theme that’s yes, filled with erupting volcanoes and enables wins of up to a shocking 50,000x the stake. It has betting limits that accessible to bettors of all proclivities and pocket depths and sports nine panels, on which are featured the gaming and bonus icons.

Do read on for a detailed examination of all that’s on offer.

Things Look Up With The Volcano Eruption Scratch!

This scratch cards online has bets that cost from 20p to ₤200 and is played across a total of nine individual cards. Gameplay here is simple in the extreme and is begun once players choose the stake they are most comfortable with. Once the stake has been decided on, all that’s required is to click the “Play” button in order to be assigned any random card. This card is then scratched to uncover the hidden prizes if any. By getting a trio of matching icons, players get awarded the amount shown on the winning table that’s set up above the cards. Like other online scratch cards, higher bets here boost winning chances.

Gameplay in the Volcano Eruption Scratch is quite customisable to individual preference, with the audio effects being capable of being muted or turned up. There’s also an Autoplay mode that can be set to play automatically for a maximum of twenty-five cards and players can adjust settings that enable the cards to be automatically revealed, with no laborious scratching being required.

Bonus Features in Volcano Eruption Scratch

While a multiplier value is gained whenever players get a trio of matching icons, the big money is in the bonus feature known as the Ladder Bonus. Players get to access this bonus when they uncover a trio of volcanoes, with the multiplier being applicable varying depending on players’ progress up the ladder.

During such progress, flames are collected, with a trio of these having a multiplier value of 5x the stake, a quartet paying out at 10x the stake, five paying out at 15x the stake, six paying out at 25x the stake and seven flames paying out at a truly impressive 75x. However, a payout of 5,000x is viable when eight flames are collected, as is a massive 50,000x the stake that is paid out on the accumulation of nine cards. This bonus applies regardless of how much players are betting per card.

To Sum Up

The Volcano Eruption Scratch is slick, fast-paced and delivers some pretty decent and ardently joyful eruptions of wins and action! Overall, it has all that’s needed to make for some pretty exciting times!


Volcano Eruption Scratch
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Game Title : Volcano Eruption Scratch

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 22/06/2017

Volcano Eruption Scratch