USA Flip

What you are seeing here is a piece of beauty and it’s called USA Flip. Everything about this slot game is super fun and the more you spin and catch here, the more you’re gonna win. That’s the secret about the slot of USA Flip. So, are you ready to spin something funky and adventure filled? If you are, then spin USA Flip right now! 

About the Slot

This is a motorbike stunt game with a lot of super fancy all around the layout. What you will be seeing here is a huge stadium kind of a structure with a lot of crowd all around. This gets even better when you start spinning the game one by one. The overall difficulty level is ok and the animations and graphics are also pretty good. You just need to spin the reels to engage the game and the rest will be all done by the game. So, come and spin it right now. 

Symbols and Icons

The symbols of USA Flip are pretty simple and they don’t have much complications anywhere. You just need to know their values and the win will come down the alley without any complication. So, let’s start counting these down from the low paying icons. The lows are A to J playing card icons. The high will be some dirt bike themed icons like gloves, fireworks, helmets, flaming wheels and motorbikes. In addition to this, there will be wilds as well as scatters too. So, get going and start spinning to get those wins.

Features and Bonuses

The bonuses will be free spins and respins and some wild triggers too. If you want to get these, just roll those scatter icons and the win will come right in. This can get up to 120 if you are really lucky. So, get your hands together and make some spins for USA Flip. 

Closing Words

Are you ready for USA Flip? This game has all the bonuses and rewards for you. Just roll and combine them to make wins and the wins will always be yours. So, come on and start the spin right now.

Game Title : USA Flip

Author Name : John Bolger

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USA Flip