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Triple Tigers

Triple Tigers online slot game looks impressive with vibrant background colours and symbols. Take a look at this 3 reel slot game! Does it look unique than the other online slot game? Certainly yes! This slot game brings out the play in 9 cells in which the symbols are scattered all over the reels during the spin. 9 special symbols have unique payout value and the highest being the golden face tiger. You should notice that the winning payout is from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel.

Design of Triple Tigers

Triple Tigers has orange background reels with a centre line on which the symbols should land of the same type to get a winning combination. Symbols like single bar, double bar, triple bar, tiger’s paw, number 8 in red colour, and the Tigers in green, blue, and golden colours. You don’t need any manual to go through this slot game since you have everything explained about the payouts in the home screen itself.

In order to achieve the highest payout in Triple Tigers, you need to check whether you end up with the reels having three golden tigers. If you get them aligned down at the centre of the reels, then you have the winning moment in your hand.

Bonus and free spins feature

If you think that Triple Tigers game has bonus and free spins feature then, unfortunately, you will end up in disappointment because this game doesn’t provide you with such features; not even jackpot feature is seen. There are only 9 symbols which pay the player and all the 3 symbols should land exactly on the same line from left to right of the reels. But it has a feature like a turbo mode, which allows a player to have a go at the spin in quick time. You can play dozens of spins within a minute by using turbo mode. You have autoplay option too, that simplifies the reel spins to a particular spin time which you can set it.lay. It can

To Sum Up

If you want to play a traditional and classic game that has no bonus, free spins, and also progressive jackpots, then Triple Tigers is the game for you. The three tigers which look ferocious have the ability to reward nice payout and that payout table is listed out in the home screen itself.

Triple Tigers
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Game Title : Triple Tigers

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 17/05/2019

Triple Tigers