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Treasure 7×7

In case you happen to have a particular fondness for adventure, then the Treasure 7×7 must have been crafted just for you! It is an instant-win game developed by IWG and has all that’s needed to assure players of top-level fun.

The graphics in the game are lovely and cartoonish and when played properly players stand the chance of winning a maximum of ₤200,000 here, which is certainly not to be sniffed at. With easy to understand gameplay features and mechanics, as well as a riveting adventure theme, the Treasure 7×7 game appears packed to the limit with goodies of the sort players do not like to miss!

Sail On, A Treasure 7×7 Awaits!

Back in the days, you would love the adventure to traverse the stormy season a worm-eaten boat, to get ahold of such treasures as those featured within the game! Gameplay in this IWG product is reassuringly quite easy and there are a total of 16 ways that players can win. All that’s needed to get started here is to pick the desired bet size. Once the “Play” button is pressed the amount gets deducted from players accounts.

The theme here as previously stated focuses on seafaring adventure. The visuals in place are quite good, as are the audio effects and winning chances.

Wins are made once the treasure is spotted and players have sailed to a desert island, along with some gold. These must be jealously guarded, lest sharks get ahold of them.

The gold and treasure are locked within a trunk and this needs to be unlocked. Doing this requires that players fill up lines on a board by picking a total of 7 icons. These 7 icons are chosen from a dozen face-down tiles and winning lines can be formed vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Once this is accomplished, the treasure is yours and you can start partying! Games in the Treasure 7×7 can be played with the same stake forever if needed, or this can be adjusted according to player preference. At the end of every game, the outcome is shown for all to see on the message panel.

To Sum Up

The Treasure 7×7 is one instant game that bears checking out, if only for the hefty winning opportunities it offers, simple gameplay mechanics and colourful icons. Overall, it does offer a fair bit of irresistible treasures that should be checked out with all ardour!

Treasure 7×7
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Game Title : Treasure 7×7

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 05/07/2017

Treasure 7×7