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The Price is Right

Television game shows have always been an attraction to TV viewers since the ‘70s. One such game shows that took on an international persona was “The Price Is Right”. Today, this TV game show that thrived in the ‘70s right down to the ‘80s is an instant win virtual slot machine by Gaming Realms and goes by the title of The Price is Right (Instant Win). Read through this casino game review for more details.

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With The Price is Right (Instant Win) you have a simplistically designed 3 reel video slot with one active payline. The blue background consists of glitters in line with that of the TV game show. On top of the 3 reels are different boxes with each box representing a symbol on the reels. 

As soon as any of the boxes are filled to the brim, a bonus offer is activated. Betting in this casino game is dynamic, making this a game well suited for both low and high stakes players. Wagers per spin start from £1 up to a maximum of £100. With each wager, players will receive 5 reel spins.

The Price is Right (Instant Win) bonus games

If you are fortunate enough to land three similar symbols on th style=”font-weight:bolder;”e only active payline of The Price is Right (Instant Win) game on just one spin, you will fill the corresponding box of the symbol. However, if you are picking the symbols off one by one, then, five of a similar symbol will fill a corresponding symbol box. Once a box is filled, it will trigger a bonus game like the two below:

  • Cliff Hanger: This is a bonus game that involves a mountaineer climbing a nine-step slope with numbers on it. The distance covered by the mountaineer will be dependent on the spinning of numbers on a 3 reel set located down the playing screen. You have a guide who tells you if you should spin the reel again or simply pick up your winnings. This is important as any number landed which adds up to above nine will see the mountaineer thrown off the cliff of the mountain.
  • Master Key: Another bonus game is triggered when the red Master Key icon fills out its corresponding box. Here there are 24 cards shown, you will have to click on each of the cards till every key is unveiled. The keys picked up will be used in unlocking three locks. Whatever prize is hidden behind the locks is what you will pick up. However, there’s a catch, as there is a master key which will unlock every lock. There are also keys to unlock individual locks and one that will not open any of the locks at all.

To sum up

The Price is Right (Instant Win) is a really exciting game. The five spins on any stake, to begin with, is an opportunity to land symbols to quickly activate a bonus game or two. So, check it out!

The Price is Right
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Game Title : The Price is Right

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 27/05/2019

The Price is Right