Tails of New York

Genni’s Tails of New York is a quirky and intriguing video slot game with an odd yet entertaining theme. This commonplace 5-reel video slot game is inspired by the different animals with tails that can be seen roaming about New York, from a fox, a goat to cats and dogs and even an eagle! These creatures are the symbols hiding surrounding the Statue of Liberty, which is an element of the vibrant backdrop, in this unusual slot game.

About The Game

A fantastic 5-reel, 40-payline online slot machine Tails of New York will help you rise from poverty to affluence. The game may be played on several platforms and the coin sizes range from 0.01 to 0.25. Incredible payout here is 70000 Coins equivalent to $17500

Game Symbols

The slot’s top earning icon is Buddy, a scruffy-looking white and black dog. a pipe smoking cat, Gordan, Chow and, a bulldog smoking a cigar are the next best rewarding symbols. In addition to the animals, the game also uses icons for a Taxi, Pizza, Newspaper, a camera and take-out coffee. In addition, Buddy serves as the game’s wild sign, which may take the place of any other icons except from the Scatter.

Tails Of New York Special Features

The taxi-driving fox serves as the game’s scatter symbol, and it may appear anywhere on the matrix to initiate free spins in Tails of New York. Players who get three scatter symbols receive five free spins with a multiplier of five, four get seven, and nine get nine free spins with a multiplier of nine! Despite the fact that the free spins function can’t be reactivated, the incredible payouts topped with multipliers already make up for it!

The “Chow’s Run” unique bonus round in the game is activated when Chow’s van shows up more than three times on the reels. A renowned artwork, a Ming vase, and a gem tiara are among the goods Chow starts emptying from his spoils in this special bonus round as he approaches the screen with a van. To earn cash rewards, players must select one of the three options.


Overall, Tails of New York is a delightful gameplay experience with an original and memorable concept that offers the gamer something new every time they play. The unique concept of Tails of New York is yet another outstanding feature. Therefore, it is clear from its name that it actually follows the actions of creatures running amok in New York by substituting the term “Tails” for Tales of New York.

Game Title : Tails of New York

Author Name : John Bolger

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Tails of New York