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Super Cash Buster

The Super Cash Buster offers a fresh experience different from the regular slot games. This online game slot comes in dice form and all you have to do is to scatter the block clusters when the dice rolls. These blocks appear in a colourful, 3D format and when you destroy these blocks with colours corresponding to each other, you get to win the prizes that are underneath them.

How To Play Super Cash Buster?

To play the Super Cash Buster, you have to choose your bet amount which ranges from £1.00 to £10 using the +/- buttons and clicking on the SET BET icon. Then you have to click on the dice which will roll out a colour. When the rolled colour matches with a block shown in the Cash Buster Zone, it gets destroyed. This destroyed blocks then fill up a prize metre that has a matching colour located at the lower left side of the reel. When any of the prize meters gets filled up, you will win and be rewarded with a prize.

There is also the INSTANT PRIZE METER that rewards you with a prize instantly when you destroy a block that has instant block written on it. In addition to this is the chance to have an extra roll of the dice when you hit the block that has the EXTRA ROLL written on it.

The Card Mini Game Feature

The Card Mini Game Feature is activated when you hit the MINI GAME block and receive the Card Mini Game Feature as against the Wheel Mini Game feature. In the Card Mini-Game, you are allowed to choose a card out of six cards that will be shown to you. The card you select will show you your reward which could be either an instant cash gift, an additional role of the dice or 2, 3 or 4 additional coloured blocks in your prize meter.

The Wheel Mini-Game Feature

The Wheel Mini Game feature of the Super Cash Buster slot game becomes activated after you have hit the MINI GAME block and this allows you to receive prizes when you spin the wheel that appears at the bottom left-hand corner of the grid. Here you can win either an instant cash reward, 2,3 or 4 additional coloured blocks in your prize meter or an additional roll of the dice.

To Sum Up

The Super Cash Buster slot game is a fun game that offers a different feel and perspective to the typical slot games available. There are numerous prizes and rewards that can be won with its amazing colourful features. Even better, this game is mobile-friendly and you get to play and win prizes from anywhere and at any time.

Super Cash Buster
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Game Title : Super Cash Buster

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 15/05/2017

Super Cash Buster